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  1. Psychology
  2. hindsight bias
  3. illusory correlation
  4. synapse
  5. control condition
  1. a the scientific study of behavior and mental processes
  2. b the tendency to believe, after learning an outcome, that one would have foreseen it
  3. c the condition of an experiment that contrasts with the experimental condition and serves as a comparison for evaluating the effect of the treatment
  4. d the perception of a relationship where none exists
  5. e the junction between the axon tip of the sending neuron and the dendrite or cell body of the receiving neuron

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  1. a measure of the extent to which two factors vary together, and thus of how well either factor predicts the other. The ____ coefficient is the mathematical expression of the relationship, ranging from -1 to +1
  2. a technique for ascertaining the self-reported attitudes or behaviors of people, usually by questioning a representative, random sample of them
  3. the most frequently occurring score in a distribution
  4. a neural impulse; a brief electrical charge that travels down an axon. the ____ is generated by the movement of positively charged atoms in and out of channels in the axon's membrane
  5. the condition of an experiment that exposes participants to the treatment, that is, to one version of the independent variable

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  1. thresholdthe level of stimulation required to trigger a neural impulse


  2. neurotransmittersa nerve cell; the basic building block of the nervous system


  3. random assignmentassigning participants to experimental and control conditions by chance, thus minimizing preexisting differences between those assigned to the different groups


  4. peripheral nervous systembrain and spinal cord


  5. nervesneural "cables" containing many axons. These bundled axons, which are part of the peripheral nervous system, connect the central nervous system with muscles, glands, and sense organs