Harry Potter Spells

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ConjunctivitisDamages opponents eyesightDeletriusCounters "Prior Incatato"DensaugeoEnlarges TeethDiffindoSplits seamsDissendiumOpens "One eyed witch" hump; reveals secret passagewaysEngorgioEnlarges an itemEnnervateCounters StupefyExpecto PatronumCreates a PatronusExpelliarmusDisarms your opponentFerulaCreates bandagesFideliusHides a secret within someoneFinite IncantatumStops any current spellsFlipendoKnocks an object backwardsFurnunculusProduces boils on opponentHomorphusLockhart's Werewolf "cure"ImmobulusRenders target immobile.ImpedimentaSlows an advancing objectImperioControls a person UnforgivableImperviusMakes an object repel waterIncendioProduces flameLegilimensAllows the caster to delve into the mind of the victimLocomotor MortisLocks opponents legsLumosCreates light at wand tipMobiliarbusMoves objects with wandMobilicorpusMoves unconscious bodiesMorsmordeConjures the Dark MarkNoxCounter to LumosObliviateErases memoriesOrchideousConjures a bunch of flowersPetrificus TotalusBody - BindPoint MeWand acts like a compassPriori IncantatumResult when brother wands duelPrior IncantatoReveals a wands last spell / castProtegoCause spells to reflect back to the sender.QuietusCounter spell for SonorusReducioReturns items to original size. Counters EngorgioReductoBlasts solid objects asideRelashioReleases user from bindingReparoRepairs ThingsRictusempraTickles opponentRiddikulusUse this spell and laugh to defeat a boggartScrugeDestroys ectoplasm (remains of ghosts)SerpensortiaProduces SnakeSonorusAmplifies voiceStupefyKnocks out opponentTarantallegraCauses the victim to dance uncontrollablyWaddiwasiUnsticks an objectWingardium LeviosaMakes on object fly