Horse Questions

Mutton Withers
What is the term for a horse with no/little withers?
Rat Tailed
What is the term for a horse with little/no tail?
What was the foundation sire of the Morgan Horse breed originally named?
A grade
What is the term for a horse of unknown breeding or ancestory?
A Quarab
What is a horse called if it is of Quarter Horse and Arabian blood?
How many barrels are in a cloverleaf pattern?
Six Feet
How long is a piggin string?
How many inches are in a hand?
What is the common name for laminitis?
The tree
What is the name of the frame for which a saddle is built on?
12' x 12'
What is the most common size for a box stall?
220 yards
How long is a furlong in yards?
A place where stallions are kept for breeding
What is a stud barn?
Cinch or cinch strap
What is the term for a western girth?
1940 in Fort Worth, Texas
When and where was the American Quarter Horse Association founded?
What country was the game polo developed in?
The study of the horse
What is hippology?
The leaves and seeds
What part of grasses are high in protein?
Wall, glass, china and blue eye
Name three terms referring to a horse with a blueish colored eye.
National Barrel Horse Association
What does NBHA stand for?
National Reining Horse Association
What does NRHA stand for?
National Cutting Horse Association
What does NCHA stand for?
Saddlebred and Morgan
What two breeds are the most often used in the Saddleseat style of riding?
George Washington
Who was the first man to breed quality mules in the U.S.?
Foolish Pleasure
In the math race in which Ruffian broke her pastern who was she racing against?
What year did Secretariat win the Tripe Crown?
Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes
What are the three races that make up the Triple Crown? (List in order)
Bay, brown, black, chestnut and white
Way are the five basic coat colors?
Pinto/paint, dun/buckskin, palomino, gray, roan
What are the five major variations of the basic coat colors?
Curb, snaffle and hackamore
Name the three classifications of bits.
The stifle
What should be the widest part of a horse's hindquarters?
1 1/4 miles (Kentucky Derby), 1 3/16 miles (Preakness Stakes), 1 1/2 miles (Belmont Stakes)
How long are each of the Triple Crown Races? How long are each of the Triple Crown Races?
Kentucky (Kentucky Derby), Maryland (Preakness Stakes), New York (Belmont Stakes)
What states are the Triple Crown races run in?
Churchill Downs (Kentucky Derby), Pimlico (Preakness Stakes), Belmont Park (Belmont Stakes)
What track are the Triple Crown races run on?
Sir Barton, Gallant Fox, Omaha, War Admiral, Whirlaway, Count Fleet, Assault, Citation, Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Affirmed
Who are the winners of the Triple Crown?
Both sesamoid bones
What two bones in her right foreleg did Ruffian break in the match race between her and Foolish Pleasure?
Dark brown or black
What color are Lipizzan foals?
Mottled skin, striped hooves, white sclera, spotted coat patterns
What are three attributes of the Appaloosa horse?
What pinto pattern is a mix between the overo and tobiano patterns?
Piebald and skewbald
What two pinto patterns are recognized by color rather than pattern?
What color skin does a true white horse have?