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Bore da.

Good morning.

Siân Davies dych chi?

Are you Siân Davies?

Ie, Siân Davies dw i.

Yes, I'm Siân Davies.

Sut dych chi?

How are you?

O, wedi blino.

Oh, tired.

Iawn, diolch.

Fine, thank you.

Parsel i chi.

A parcel for you.

O, diolch.

Oh, thank you.

Prynhawn da.

Good afternoon.

Ie! Sut dych chi?

Yes! How are you?

Go lew! A chi?

Not bad! And you?

Da iawn.

Very well.

Braf cwrdd â chi!

Nice meeting you.

Braf cwrdd â chi hefyd!

Nice meeting you too!



Diolch yn fawr.

Thank you very much.



Noswaith dda.

Good evening.

Y Cwrs Karate

The Karate Course

os gwelwch chi'n dda


Pwy dych chi?

Who are you?

Edward dw i.

I'm Edward.

Pwy dych chi eto?

Who are you again?

Edward beth?

Edward what?

nos Lun

Monday night

saith o'r gloch

seven o'clock

O, mae'n flin 'da fi.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Dim problem.

No problem.

Ystafell tri.

Room three.

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