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Chasing Lincoln's Killer Practice Questions

Who is the Secretary of State?
William Seward
Who attacked the Secretary of State?
Lewis Powell
Who answers the door and attempts to keep the intruder from going upstairs in Seward's home?
William Bell
Name two family members who try to protect Seward.
Fanny and Augustus Seward
Which officer was in the room with Seward and his Daughter?
Sergeant Robinson
With what did Powell attack Seward?
Who is partners with Powell?
David Herold
Who is supposed to assassinate Johnson?
George Atzerodt
Who is the doctor who attends Lincoln after he is shot?
Dr. Charles Leale
Name the actress who comes into the balcony box and cradles the president's head in her lap.
Laura Keene
Name the audience member who chases Booth.
Joseph Stewart
Where does Booth say he lives in order to get past the bridge?
Charles County
Where did Lincoln die?
The Peterson House
Who, besides Booth, persuades the guard to let him cross the bridge?
David Herold
Who helps Booth with his injured leg?
Dr. Samuel A. Mudd
Who provided the conspirators with firearms?
Mary and John Surratt
Where do Booth and Herold meet?
Soper's Hill
The assassination of Lincoln took place at...
Ford's Theater
Does Dr. Mudd know that Booth had killed Lincoln when he invites them in his house?
April 14, 1865. It was Good Friday and the Lincolns were at the Ford Theatre. What happened?
Lincoln's assassination
John W. Booth carried what two weapons?
Deringer pistol and Bowie knife
John Wilkes Booth profession was that of a(n) ___________.
__________ was suppose to attend the play with the Lincolns, but didn't.
Ulysses S. Grant
______________ was to kill Vice President Johnson.
George Atzerodt
______________ was to kill Secretary of State, William H. Seward.
Lewis Powell
______________ was to assist Powell in getting to Seward's home and getting out of the city. Powell did not know the map or layout of the city of Washington.
David Herold
What is Gideon Welles' position?
Secretary of the Navy
Who was the war surgeon who went to the theater that night just to get a glimpse of Lincoln?
Dr. Charles Leale
___________ has a townhouse in D.C. and a tavern in Surrattsville where she hides guns and ammunition that confederate sympathizers need.
Mary Surratt
___________ is the son of Mary Surratt, he was a confederate secret agent and had worked on past plots to capture and assassinate the president.
John Surratt
Major W.H. Smith went to _________ to arrest Mary Surratt.
Surratt's boarding house
________ had been hiding in Washington, trying to find a means of escape.
Lewis Powell
Lewis Powell tried to tell Major W.H. Smith that he was at the Surratt's boarding house to fix the _______.
_________ betrayed Lewis Powell by telling the Major Smith that she did not know him.
Mary Surratt
After questioning Mary Surratt was sent to the ______.
Old Capital Prison
Most of the conspirators were imprisoned at the _________ to avoid the large crowds.
Old Arsenal Penitentiary
Who was holding Booth's horse's reins in the alley behind the theatre? He also had a long association with Booth.
Edman Spangler
The newspaper didn't post the _______ explaining why Booth killed Lincoln.
The newspaper identified _________ as Seward's attacker.
John Surratt
_________ was a Confederate officer who told Booth and Herold about the man who could help them get across the Potomac River.
Captain Samuel Cox
__________ was a confederate secret service veteran who helped Herold and Booth across the Potomac.
Thomas Jones
When was Lincoln's funeral?
April 19th
Where was Lincoln's funeral held?
Capitol building
_________ was found at his cousin's house in bed.
George Atzerodt
How much did Stanton offer for Lincoln's killers?
The President's body was sent to ________ for burial.