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Cash on delivery. This means a person has to pay for something when it is delivered
A set of numbers or letters used to identify something
Express delivery
A service that allows items to be delivered faster than if they are mailed using a regular delivery service
Abbreviation for facsimile. This is a peice of paper that is reproduced and sent to someone else using signals over phone lines.
A phime line a person can call and get information quickly; someone will be there to answer 24 hours a day
Items for sale
Minimum order
The smallest amount, in quantity or cost, that a person can order
Money order
A piece of paper a person can buy to send someone to pay for something; a money order is like a check, but the money is not taken out of a checking account
Post office box
A box a person rents from the post office to have his or her mail put in; also known as a PO box
Amount; how many
A person living in a place
Sales tax
Money a oerson has to pay to government when he or she buys something; it is added to the subtotal on the bill
Satisfaction guaranteed
A phrase that a store uses to promis that a person will be happy with the item he or she bought; if the person is not happy, the item will be replaced or fixed or the person's money will be given back if he or she does not want to keep the item
A fee a person has to pay to have something delivered
The amount of money a person has to pay for just the items he or she want to buy, not including sales tax or shipping
This ohone call is free for the caller; the place a person is calling will pay the long distance charges
Web site
A location on the internet; can be used for buying things, for entertainment, or to find information