77 terms

ag mech

adjustable wrench
allen wrench
box end wrench
C Clamp
chalk line
chipping hammer
cold chisel
combination square
combination wrench
coping saw
Deep Well Socket
Side Cutters
Bench Vice
Joint Groove Pliers
Half round file
Long Nose Pliers
claw hammer
open end wrench
phillip's screwdriver
pipe wrench
plumb bob
putty knife
Pipe cutter
Shallow well socket
Round File
side cutting pliers
slip joint pliers
flat head screwdriver
spark plug socket
tap wrench
tape measure
tip cleaners
torque wrench
triangular file
Locking Pliers
Wire Brush
wire strippers
wood chisel
crow bar
electrode holder
right angle grinder
GFCI receptacle
cable ripper
cable stripper
electrical conduit
single pole switch
double-pole switch
speed or quick square
T Bevel
steel ruler
marking gauge
torpedo level
the same as a regular level but shorter
mini hacksaw
nail nippers
utility knife
spade bore bit
drill bit
locking pliers
Socket U Joint
drive extensions
tap tool
mig feed roll
Chipping Hammer
Electrode Holder
Edison-base plug fuse
Blade type cartridge fuse
Linesman Pliers
ball peen hammer
soldering wire

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