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  1. Benthic Zone
  2. Swamp
  3. Coefficient of Relatedness (r)
  4. Age Structure
  5. Intertidal Zone
  1. a proportion of individuals that are at each each possible age
  2. b A wetland that has a steady rate of water flow and is dominated by trees and shrubs
  3. c The region between low-tide and high-tide marks on a seashore
  4. d The area along the bottom of an aquatic environment
  5. e A measure of how closely 2 individuals are related. Calculated as the probability that an allele in 2 individuals is anherited from the same ancestor

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  1. The maximun number of individuals in a population that can be supported in a particular habitat over a sustained period of time
  2. Shallow water near shore that recieves enough sunlight to support photosynthesis. May be marine or freshwater; often flowering plants are present
  3. Difference between birthrate and death rate per individual
  4. A nonnative species that is introduced into a new area. Often are competitors, pathogens, or predators towards native species
  5. Average required fertility for each female to produce exactly enough offspring to replace herself and her mate

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  1. Inclusive FitnessDerived from helping relatives produce more offspring than they could on their own


  2. EstuaryA body of water that moves constantly in 1 direction


  3. WetlandA shallow water habitat where the soil is saturated atleast part of the year


  4. MetapopulationIn ecology, a cyclical movement of large numbers of organisms from one geographic habitat to another


  5. Continental ShelfThe portion of a geologic plate that extends from a continent to under seawater