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  1. Communication
  2. Fecundity
  3. Specific Heat
  4. Per-Capita Rate of Increase (r)
  5. Density Dependent
  1. a In ecology, it is any process by which a signal from one individual modifies the behavior of another individual
  2. b The amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of a substance by 1 degree Celcius; a measure of the capacity of a substance to absorb energy
  3. c Difference between birthrate and death rate per individual
  4. d The birthrate and eath rate increase and decrease depending on how large the population already is in comparison with the available resources and space
  5. e The average number of female offspring produced by a single female in the course of her lifetime

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  1. The movement of organisms from their place of origin (birth, hatching) to a new location
  2. A type of navigation in which movement occurs in a specific direction
  3. Birth, Death, Immigration, Emigration
  4. Living, or produced by a living organism
  5. In behavioral ecology, any information-containing behavior

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  1. Change in N / Change in t = (r max) N (K-N/K)Equation for population's growth when it is below carrying capacity


  2. Invasive SpeciesA data set summarizing the probability that an individual in a certain population will survive and reproduce in any given year over the course of its lifetime


  3. Oceanic ZoneThe waters in the open ocean beyond the continental shelf


  4. AltruismA body of water that moves constantly in 1 direction


  5. StreamA body of water that moves constantly in 1 direction