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  1. Exotic Species
  2. Life History
  3. Abovground Mass
  4. Intertidal Zone
  5. Thermocline
  1. a A nonnative species that is introduced into a new area. Often are competitors, pathogens, or predators towards native species
  2. b A gradient in environmental temperature acorss a large area
  3. c The region between low-tide and high-tide marks on a seashore
  4. d The sequence of events in an individual's life from birth to reproduction to death, including how they allocate resources for growth, fitness, and activites that that are related to survival
  5. e Total mass of living plants in an area, excluding their roots

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  1. Shallow water near shore that recieves enough sunlight to support photosynthesis. May be marine or freshwater; often flowering plants are present
  2. proportion of individuals that are at each each possible age
  3. Any behavior that has a cost to the individual (such as lowered survival or reproduction) and a benefit to the recipient; self-sacrificing behavior
  4. The reason that a trait or phenomenon is though to have evolved
  5. Treeless biome in polar and alpine regions with short slow growing vegetation, permafrost, and long intensely cold winters

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  1. Four Factors that Influence Population GrowthWhen the replacement rate of fertility is sustained for a generation; r = 0


  2. MarshA wetland that lacks trees and usually has a slow but steady rate of water flow


  3. Proximate CausationIn biology, the immediate, mechanistic cause of a phenomenon (how it happens) as opposed to why it evolved


  4. Density DependentThe birthrate and eath rate increase and decrease depending on how large the population already is in comparison with the available resources and space


  5. PopulationIn ecology, a cyclical movement of large numbers of organisms from one geographic habitat to another