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  1. Reciprocal Altruism
  2. Thermocline
  3. Population Ecology
  4. Generation
  5. Behavior
  1. a The study of how and why the number of individuals in a population changes over time
  2. b Altruistic behavior that is exchanged by a pair of organisms at different points in time
  3. c the average time between a mother's first offspring and her daughter's first offspring
  4. d Any action by an organism
  5. e A gradient in environmental temperature acorss a large area

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  1. The study of how organisms interact with each other and with their surounding environment
  2. A nonnative species that is introduced into a new area. Often are competitors, pathogens, or predators towards native species
  3. The birthrate and eath rate increase and decrease depending on how large the population already is in comparison with the available resources and space
  4. The waters in the open ocean beyond the continental shelf
  5. the total amount of Carbon fixed by photosynthesis per unit area per year

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  1. PlanktonIn ecology, a cyclical movement of large numbers of organisms from one geographic habitat to another


  2. PermafrostA permanently frozen layer of icy soil found in most tundra and some taiga


  3. Abovground MassTotal mass of living plants in an area, excluding their roots


  4. Direct FitnessThe comboination of (1) direct production of offspring (direct firness) and (2) extra production of offspring by relatives in response to help orvided by the individual (indirect fitness)


  5. EstuaryAn enivronment of brackish (partly salty) water where a river meets the ocean