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  1. Territory
  2. Biomass
  3. Emigration
  4. Dispersal
  5. Permafrost
  1. a A permanently frozen layer of icy soil found in most tundra and some taiga
  2. b The movement of organisms from their place of origin (birth, hatching) to a new location
  3. c The total mass of all organisms in a given population or geographical area; usually expressed as a total dry weight
  4. d The migration of individuals away from 1 population to other populations
  5. e An area that is actively defended by an animal from others of its species

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  1. In biology, the immediate, mechanistic cause of a phenomenon (how it happens) as opposed to why it evolved
  2. Any action by an organism
  3. Specific short term atmospheric conditions of long term temperature, moisture, sunlight, and wind in an area
  4. A large assemblage of colonial marine corals that usually serve as a shallow-water, sunlit habitat for many other species as well
  5. The study of factors that determine the size and structure or populations through time

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  1. Innate BehaviorBehavior that is inherited genetically; doesn't have to be learned and is typical of a species


  2. Limnetic ZoneThe area along the bottom of an aquatic environment


  3. Population EcologyAn internal mechanism found in most organisms that regulates many body processes (sleep/wake cycles, hormonal patterns, etc.) in a ~24 hour cycle


  4. Coefficient of Relatedness (r)A measure of how closely 2 individuals are related. Calculated as the probability that an allele in 2 individuals is anherited from the same ancestor


  5. Fitness Trade-offthe average time between a mother's first offspring and her daughter's first offspring