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  1. Tundra
  2. Thermocline
  3. Biotic
  4. Altruism
  5. Swamp
  1. a Living, or produced by a living organism
  2. b A wetland that has a steady rate of water flow and is dominated by trees and shrubs
  3. c A gradient in environmental temperature acorss a large area
  4. d Treeless biome in polar and alpine regions with short slow growing vegetation, permafrost, and long intensely cold winters
  5. e Any behavior that has a cost to the individual (such as lowered survival or reproduction) and a benefit to the recipient; self-sacrificing behavior

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  1. The waters in the open ocean beyond the continental shelf
  2. A group of individuals that are the same age and can be followed through time
  3. The number of individuals per unit area
  4. The sequence of events in an individual's life from birth to reproduction to death, including how they allocate resources for growth, fitness, and activites that that are related to survival
  5. Not alive (e.g. air, water, soil)

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  1. Density DependentThe birthrate and eath rate increase and decrease depending on how large the population already is in comparison with the available resources and space


  2. Logistic Population GrowthThe changes in growth rate that occur as a function of population


  3. TemperateHving a climate with pronounced annual fluctuations in temperature (warm summer and cold winter) but typically neither as hot as tropics or as cold as arctics


  4. Coefficient of Relatedness (r)A measure of how closely 2 individuals are related. Calculated as the probability that an allele in 2 individuals is anherited from the same ancestor


  5. Intrinsic Rate of Increase (r max)Difference between birthrate and death rate per individual