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  1. Biomass
  2. Neritic Zone
  3. Life Table
  4. Taiga
  5. Intrinsic Rate of Increase (r max)
  1. a Shallow marine waters beyond the intertidal zone, extending down to about 200 meters, where the continentsl shelf ends
  2. b A vast forest biome in subartic temperature dominanted by confier trees. Long cold winter and short, mild summers.
  3. c The total mass of all organisms in a given population or geographical area; usually expressed as a total dry weight
  4. d When the birthrates per individual are as high as possible and the death rates are as low as possible
  5. e A data set summarizing the probability that an individual in a certain population will survive and reproduce in any given year over the course of its lifetime

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  1. An inescapable compromise between 2 traits that can't be optimized simultaneously
  2. Altruistic behavior that is exchanged by a pair of organisms at different points in time
  3. A large terrestrial ecosystem characterized by a distinct type of vevegation and climate
  4. The portion of a geologic plate that extends from a continent to under seawater
  5. Type of navigation by which an animal can reach a specific spot on the Earth's surface

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  1. Compass OrientationAny small organism that drifts near the surface of oceans and lakes and swims little if at all


  2. Fixed Action Pattern (FAP)changes in population througout time


  3. MetapopulationThe migration of individuals into a population from other populations


  4. CohortThe uppermost layers of branches in a forest (i.e. those fully exposed to the sun)


  5. WeatherSpecific short term atmospheric conditions of long term temperature, moisture, sunlight, and wind in an area


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