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  1. Abiotic
  2. Immigration
  3. Change in N / Change in t = (r max) N (K-N/K)
  4. Plankton
  5. Inclusive Fitness
  1. a The migration of individuals into a population from other populations
  2. b The comboination of (1) direct production of offspring (direct firness) and (2) extra production of offspring by relatives in response to help orvided by the individual (indirect fitness)
  3. c Not alive (e.g. air, water, soil)
  4. d Any small organism that drifts near the surface of oceans and lakes and swims little if at all
  5. e Equation for population's growth when it is below carrying capacity

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  1. In ecology, it is any process by which a signal from one individual modifies the behavior of another individual
  2. The waters in the open ocean beyond the continental shelf
  3. population composed of smaller, isolated populations
  4. An inescapable compromise between 2 traits that can't be optimized simultaneously
  5. An enivronment of brackish (partly salty) water where a river meets the ocean

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  1. EpiphyteThe prevailing long term weather conditions in a particular region


  2. Fixed Action Pattern (FAP)The number of individuals per unit area


  3. Coral ReefsA large assemblage of colonial marine corals that usually serve as a shallow-water, sunlit habitat for many other species as well


  4. Intertidal ZoneShallow marine waters beyond the intertidal zone, extending down to about 200 meters, where the continentsl shelf ends


  5. Specific HeatThe amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of a substance by 1 degree Celcius; a measure of the capacity of a substance to absorb energy