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Ponce de Leon

Looking for the Fountain of Youth. Found Gulf Stream. Found Florida. Claimed for Spain.


First European to visit Eastern coastline of North America from Georgia to Maine-Newfoundland-France. First explorer to enter New York Bay. Henry Hudson received the credit.

Narvarez/De Vaca

Sent by Spain to colonize Tampa Bay, Florida. Raft to Mississippi Delta. Narvarez died. De Vaca lives for 8 years with Native Americans. Started walking across Southern States. Found by Spanish soldiers.


Inland from Mexico City. Looking for the 7 Cities of Cabola (City of gold.) Found Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Texas. Claimed all land for Spain.


Sailed 1,200 miles up to California. Claimed California for Spain.

Henry Hudson

Claimed Hudson Bay for England. English tried him for treason. Sailed to Hudson River for Dutch. Grandfather of the whaling industry.


Claimed Labador, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Canada, and Maine for East Coast England. Disappeared completely.


Went down St. Lawrence River. Claimed for France. Became allies with the Huron Indians.


Looking for the Northwest Passage. Found fools gold. Claimed Canada and Greenland for France.


Went down the St. Lawrence River to Lake Champlain. Huron showed him the Great Lakes. Found the first settlement in Canada (Quebec.) Sailed under France.

De Soto

Claimed Tampa Bay, FL for Spain. First European to cross the Mississippi River.


Sailed for France. Sailed down Mississippi to Arkansas. Stopped at the Illinois River. Went back North and ended at the Great Lakes.

La Salle

Named Louisiana (the land between Rocky Mountains and Mississippi River) after King Louis. Sailed the entire length of Mississippi River. Claimed for France.


Discovered the West Indies (Hispaniola.) Two Country of Hispaniola: Haiti and Dominican Republic. Found the tip of South America. Claimed for Spain. Took four voyages.


Explored the Eastern side of South America. Named America after him. Considered the first person to see North America and South America. Claimed for Spain.


Walked through Mexico. Landed at the upper Yucatan. Conquered the Aztecs. Sent by Cuba's govenor.


Crossed the Isthmus of Panama to the Pacific Ocean. Named it the Southern Ocean. Claim for Spain. Stowed away on a ship to South America.


Traveled from Spain to Peru. Conquer the Incas Empire.


Sailed around the world. Spain crew renamed the "Southern Ocean" to the Pacific Ocean (Peaceful Ocean.) Renamed the "Strait of All Saints" to the Straits of Magellan. Sailors died from scurvy (lack of Vitamin C.)


Sailed around the world. Sailed South down to the coastline of North America. Sailed for England. Known as "Drake the Dragon." Involved in the slave trade.


Discovered and Named the Cape of Good Hope. Claim for Portugal.

Da Gama

From Portugal, went around Africa to India. Found the first route to the East. Opened trade.


Leave from Portugal. Lost due to a storm. Landed in Brazil. Found a trade route to India.

Henry the Navigator

Prince of Portuguese. Made a school for explorers. Discovered Lisbon.

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