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sacred ritual of the Roman Catholic Church

Benedictine Rule

rules drawn up in 530 by Benedict, a monk, regulating monastic life. The rule emphasizes obedience, poverty, and chastity and divides the day into periods of worship, work, and study.


having to do worldly, rather than religious, matters; nonreligious

Papal Supremacy

the claim of medieval popes that they had authority over all secular rulers

Canon Law

body of laws of a church


exclusion from the Roman Catholic Church as a penalty for refusing to obey Church law


in the Roman Catholic Church, excommunication of an entire region, town, or kingdom


a medieval European monk who traveled from place to place preaching to the poor

St. Francis of Assisi

Italian saint who founded the Franciscan order of friars; treated all creatures, including animals, as spiritual brothers and sisters; born to wealthy merchant family and willingly gave up a life of comfort

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