wordly wise 3000 book 4 lesson 9

20 terms by abrant67

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n. something that is helpful or useful or v. to make use of; to benefit oneself by treating others unfairly


v. to surprise or amaze


n. great surprise or amazement


v. to show or prove to be true or to approve or give one's agreement to.


adj. very far away in time or very far away; not near or close by.


n. the length of the space between two places


n. a person who sets up something that lasts or v. to sink below the surface of the water.


n. a small village


n. a large number or v. one who greets and entertains guests and takes care of their needs at a party or restaurant.


n. a feeling of doubt, uncertainty, or concern about what may happen in the future


v. to make or become very dry


adj. lacking water; thirsty


n. something that is waited for, expected, or hoped for. v. to look in the ground for valuable metals like gold or silver


n. a person who explores an area to look for valuable metals


adj. in short supply; not plentiful


n. a shortage


adj. clever; good at understanding what is needed and acting on it


adj. being the only one of its kind; belonging to only one person or group. n. the bottom surface of the foot or of a shoe or boot. A flat fish that is caught and eaten for food.


n. great pain or suffering. v. to cause pain or suffering


adj. being like others of its kind.

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