Wordly wise 3000 book 5 lesson 9

15 terms by abrant67

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So unreasonable as to be laughable; foolish or silly.


To do something by making an effort; to complete successfully.


to rise, usually in a steady way.


Tightly packed; crowded close together. Thick; hard to see through. Stupid, thickheaded.


A test to prove or discover something. To carry out experiments.


Easily damaged or broken; not strongly made. Not believable.


Very brave; showing great courage. Showing great determination; requiring enormous effort.


Wood that has been sawed into boards. To move in a clumsy or heavy way.


To copy or imitate closely. To make fun of by imitating.


Important; full of meaning


To fly high in the sky; to rise suddenly and rapidly.


A person who watches an activity; an onlooker.


To hang while attached to something above. To stop for a while before going on.


To bring or to come to an end.


hard to handle or control because of large size or heaviness

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