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Unit 4: Abraham


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Number of covenants God made with Abraham
founding father
Son of Abraham and Hagar; Abraham's first born
Stars and sand
God tells Abraham he will be as numerous as these
Father of many nations
Abraham means
Great name
Promise of God to Abraham (fulfilled by David), to give him a crown and a new identity
Great nation
Promise of God to Abraham (fulfilled by Moses), to give him a "realm of people" & a home country
Universal blessing
Promise of God to Abraham (fulfilled by Jesus), to give his descendants many "benefits"
Son of Abraham and Sarah; God would continue His covenant through him
Sodom and Gomorrah
any place associated with wickedness or sin
Abraham's nephew; settled in the prosperous plains, leaving Abraham in the wilderness of the hill country
Abraham's wife who laughed when God told her she would have a son in her old age
Represents the binding of the covenant oath between God and Abram
The servant of Abraham's wife; the mother of Ishmael
First covenant
God instructed Abram to cut the animals in half and he would walk between them to create this covenant
Second covenant
God instructed Abraham and all the males of his family to be circumcised to create this covenant
What God was really looking for in asking when he asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac
Third covenant
God instructed Abraham to sacrifice his only begotten son to create this covenant
Mt. Moriah
The mountain where Abraham prepared to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice and on which the city of Jerusalem was later built.
Noah's son of whom Abraham is a descendant