20 terms

SAT (2)

a particular dislike for something
(Because he is from Hawaii, Ben has an aversion to autumn,winter,and cold climate in general.)
distress carsed by feeling guilty
(He felt compunction for the shabby way he treated her.)
incorrect, misleading
(Emily offered me cigarettes on teh fallacious assumption that I smoke.)
clear, transparent
(Mr. Johnson's limpid writing style greatly pleased readers who disliked complicated novels.)
1. restore, return to original state
(The renovate antique candelabra looked good as new.)
2. to enlarge and make prettier, espicially in a house
(After getting recovated, the house was twice as big and much more attractive.)
meticulous, demanding, having high and often unattainable standards
(Mark is so fastidious that he is never able to finish a project because it always seems imperfect to him.)
drawn to the company of others, social
(Well, if you're not gregarious, I don't know why you would want to go to a single party.)
an example that is a perfect pattern of model (Because the new SUV was so popular, it became the paradigm upon which all others were modeled.)
optimistic, cherry
(Polly reacted to any bad news with a sanguine smile and the chirpy cry, "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!")
to seize by force, to possession of without right (The rogue army general tried to usurp control of the government, but he failed because most of the army backed the legally elected president.)
to thicken, clot
(the top layer of the pudding had coagulated into a thick skin.)
crafty, dishonest
(His duplicty incolced concincing his employees to let him lower their salaries and increase their stock options, and then to steal the money he saved and run the company into the ground.)
to incolce in a incriminating way, incriminate (even though tom wasn't present at the time of the shooting, he was implicated by the evidence suggesting that he had supplied the shooters with guns.)
having great variety or diversity
(The Swiss Army Knife has multifarous functions and capabilities. Among other things, it can act as a knife, a saw, a toothpick, and a slingshot.)
to give in reture
(When Steve gave Smantha a sweater for Christmas, she reciprocated it with a kiss.)
1. to cut down, shorten
2. shortened
(The publisher thought the dictionary was too long and abridged)
(Moby-Dick is such a long book that even the abridged version is longer than most normal books.)
1. easy, requiring little effort
2. superficial, achieved with minimal thought or case, insincere
(This game is so facile that even a four-year old can master it.)
(The business was in such shambles that any solution seemed facile at best; nothing could really help it in the long-run.)
dominant over other
(Britain's hegemony over its colonies was threatened once nationalists semtiment began to spread aroung the world.)
lacking basic necessities
(After decades of rule by an oppressive government that saw nothing wrong with stealing from its citizen, the recent drought only increased the peoples privation.)
original, important, creating a field
(Stephen Greenbelt's essays on shakespeare proved to be seminal, because they initiated the critical school in New Historicism.)