History of Art Exam 4

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What may support greek historian herodotus' premise that etruscans from Tuscany,Umbria,and Lazio emigrated from asia minor?
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11. Etruscan burial paintings have three main themes, name them.Athletic games and scenes focused on dancers and musicians12. According to the Roman Writings, Etruscans were deeply religious, what did they believe signs from the natural world would express? What is Haruspicy?Flight of birds in different sectors of the sky13. Early Etruscan Art was colorful and seemingly optimistic, What might be the strongest reason for the melancholy evident in late etruscan art?The dark somber colors reflected hard and difficult times, as they coincide with the Roman conquest and subordination of Etruscan cities.. According to roman writings, Etruscans were masters of three civic deeds , name them. Why,then,is there little evidence of this masterful building of etruscan and early roman architecture?Engineering, town planning, and surveying. Exactly what they learned was not determined. Since it was built with predominantly of wood or mud brick relatively little Truscon and early Roman architecture surviveswhat may support Greek Historian Herodotus' premise that Etruscans from Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio emigrated from Asia Minor?Geographical SitesWhat are some obvious qualities of Etruscan art?Colorful & NaturalisticWhich alphabet did the Etruscans use?GreekWhat is Etruscan language origin?UnknownDuring which Greek era did the Etruscans reach their golden age?ArchaicIn reference to L'Arringatore, what does the cloth and expression demonstrate?Etruscan WorkmanshipDuring which era did Rome gain most of its territorial empire?Republican EraWhat are the 2 classes of Roman Citizens?Patrician & PlebianMost Etruscan cities sat on what near water? Why did they center their flatland cities on two intersecting thoroughfares running north-south one way and east-west the other?Mediterranean and the system is used to believe the Etruscans divided the sky into regions accorinding to the compass pointsWhat are voussoir archesStory of she-wolfThe twin brothers Romulus and Remus descendants of refugees from Troy in Asia minor found a room in 753 B.C.E. abandon those babies they were nourish by shewolf in the while Romans may have seen in this is Ruskin bronze a representation of their legendary mother wolf.exedraA semicircular open area, with or without a roof, providing a continuous seat.Which 2 Greek styles does much of Roman public art draw from?Draws heavily from Greek styles both classical and HellenisticWhat does syncretism mean in reference to romans successful cultural expansion?Syncretism was a profoundly Roman attitude, and was probably the secret to rome' s extraordinarily successful expansion.What is the legendary origin of the founding of Rome?Romulus founded the city of Rome (753/52 BCE in the region known as Latium, on a site near the Tiber river.During which era did Rome gain most of its territory empire? What is a republic oligarchy? What are the two classes of citizens?Roman gained most of its empire during the course of the republic. Rom controlled all of Italy, including Greek colonies of the south.What are two major technological developments of the Roman architecture?What kinds of God's did the romans worshipRomans worshipped a wide range of God's , some of them indigenous, but many others adopted from other cultures. Their pantheon of state God's was roughly equivalent to Greek Zeus.What is a barrel vault?a vault forming a half cylinderIn early Rome what were sculptures mainly made out ofTerra cotta and or bronzeWhat is an oligarchy?rule by a fewWhat is a cross vault?Veristictrue or realistictesseraethe small piece of stone, glass, or other object that is pieced together with many others to create a mosaicWho was called princeps?BasilicaA huge marble government building in ancient RomeWho was Julius Caesar?Dictator of Rome and soon assinated