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Which of the following is the process of verifying the identity of the person operating the computer?


Which of the following is the process of granting an authenticated user a specific degree of access to specific computer or data resources?


Which of the following enables the user to manage, configure, or perform certain tasks on an object?


Which of the following is an entity that represents a collection of users or computers?


What is a collection of computers that are all peers?


What is a collection of computers that all utilize a central directory service for authentication and authorization and is usually associated with Active Directory?


Which of the following is a series of folders associated with a specific user account that contains personal documents and personal settings?

User profile

Which type of user profile is automatically created when a user logs on the computer for the first time and is stored on the computer's local hard drive?

Local user profile

Which type of user profile is stored on a shared server drive, which makes it accessible from anywhere on the network?

Roaming user profile

Which type of user profile is stored on a network share but does not allow changes to be saved?

Mandatory user profile

What technology helps prevent software from making changes to your system without your knowledge?


When accessing an object, which of the following lists each user that can access the object and what each user can do with the object?


Which program or component includes User Accounts?

Control Panel

Which program is an MMC snap-in?

Local Users and Groups

Which tab would you use to configure a login script or a mapping to a home drive and folder when using the Local Users and Groups snap-in?


Which of the following do you have to create the same user account for on each computer that a user needs to access?


What is a collection of logical objects that represent various types of network resources such as computers, users, and groups?

Directory service

What is Microsoft's directory service called?


Which account is designed for users that require only temporary access to the computer and is disabled by default?


What do you call it when you are loading an application, and you get a credential prompt that makes the rest of the screen dull and unclickable?

Secure desktop

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