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First people to live in AL arrived when?

12,000 years ago

Ice Age

12,000 years ago when first people arrived in AL

Prehistoric people crossed a land bridge between ? and ?

Asia & North America

Prehistoric people moved south following the (WHAT)?

animals they hunted.


remains of a living thing from a former geologic age

5 Geographic Regions of Alabama

1. Highland Rim
2. Cumberland Plateau
3. Ridge & Valley
4. Piedmont
5. Coastal Plain

Highland Rim

It has level plains of fertile soil and gently rolling hills.

Cumberland Plateau

It is home to steep canyons; Bankhead National Forest located here.

Ridge & Valley

It includes Bham and Red Mountain; Iron ore, coal, & limestone are found here.


Its name means "foot of the mountain"; Mt. Cheaha, the state's highest point is here.

Coastal Plain

It reaches to the Gulf of Mexico; timber and cotton are raised here.

Alabama is located in what part of the U.S.?


The Atlantic Ocean is _________ of Alabama


Alabama is located in which two hemispheres?

Northern and western hemispheres

Archaic Indians

lived in Alabama 10,000-3,500 years ago

Archaic Indians

used the atlatl for hunting

Archaic Indians

shell middens

Archaic Indians

made bowls from stone

Archaic Indians

hunters and gatherers

Paleo Indians

Russell Cave campsite

Paleo Indians

moved to Alabama 12,000 years ago

Paleo Indians

hunted large prehistoric animals

Paleo Indians


Paleo Indians

hunters and gatherers

Woodland Indians

used the bow and arrow for hunting

Woodland Indians

lived in small villages

Woodland Indians

made pottery from clay

Woodland Indians

raised corn, squash, and beans

Woodland Indians

dome-shaped burial mounds

Tennessee River

In the north, this river dips down into the northeastern corner of the state then flows northwest & out again.

Tombigbee River

On the western side of the state, this river is joined in midcourse at Demopolis by the Black Warrior River which rises out of the hills of the Cumberland Plateau.

Black Warrior River

This river rises out of the hills of the Cumberland Plateau.

Alabama River

This river is formed where the Coosa & Tallapoosa Rivers join near Wetumpka.

Coosa River

This river starts in Georgia and flows for more than 200 miles before it meets the Tallapoosa River.

Chattahoochee River

This river forms the eastern boundary of Alabama and western boundary of Georgia.

Mobile River

The Tombigbee and Alabama Rivers join to form this river.

Conecuh River

flows into the Gulf of Mexico

Choctawhatchee River

flows into the Gulf of Mexico

Cahaba River

flows out of the mountains near Birmingham

Mobile River

empties into Mobile Bay

Gulf of Mexico

The body of water located south of Alabama


During the Mississippian period, large towns & small outlying communities where farming took place...


A river valley where rich soil is found.

Dugout canoe

Mississippians traveled far distances up and down river by paddling what?

Effigy pots

Formed into shapes of animals and human faces or bodies.


A place in Alabama that was an important center of Mississippian culture.


A high wall of wooden posts.

Four states that border Alabama

1. Georgia
2. Tennessee
3. Mississippi
4. Florida


The state that you live in.


Looters that damage or destroy archaeological treasures.


Scientists who study past civilizations


At one time, Native Americans living in Alabama built towns with strong walls called ______________?


Large mammals, such as the mastodon, became extinct because of changes in the __________?

Giant shell "middens"

garbage dumps that contain the remains of freshwater mussels discarded by Native Americans living in North Alabama

fall line

the border between the Piedmont and the Coastal Plain


Archaeologist have _________ past Paleo Indian camps and studied the tools, weapons, and buildings left behind.


Scientists who study how the Earth was formed


the wearing away of rock and soil by wind and water that has shaped many of Alabama's present landforms


The first inhabitants of Alabama were part of a great _______________ of people who crossed the Bering Strait on a land bridge.


the science or art of growing plants


The people who live in a particular place are its ________________.


the period of time before history was written down

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