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#36 - Deialog

The dialogue from Uned 36 of Cwrs Sylfaenol Ceredigion. Ffred explains himself to Sandra. Sandra is very understanding.
Dw i ddim yn un sy'n hoff o ddadlau
I'm not one who's fond of arguing
Nac wyt, wir
No, indeed you're not
Do'n i ddim yn bwriadu gwneud dolur iddo fe
I wasn't intending to hurt him
Nac o't, wir
No, indeed you weren't
Ond mae'n gas 'da fi bobol sy'n gas wrth anifeiliaid
But I hate people who are nasty to animals
Ydy, wir
Yes, indeed you do (lit. it is)
Wyt ti'n deall, nghariad i?
Do you understand, my love?
Fallai mod i
Perhaps I do