25 terms

1776 test

James Wilson
cast the final vote for independence
John Adams
Massachusetts delegate who was the one most responsible for US independence
John Hancock
the chairman (president) of Congress
John Dickinson
opposed the Declaration of Independence, ONLY delegate in Congress who refused to sign the Declaration of Independence
Roger Sherman
simple cobbler from Connecticut
Ben Franklin
oldest member of Congress, from Pennsylvania
Richard henry Lee
convinced Virginia to support independence, used the power of his famous family name for independence
Edward Rutledge
South Carolina delegate who supported slavery
Caesar Rodney
Delaware delegate who had cancer on his face
Mrs. Thomas Jefferson
Mrs. John Adams
possible national birds
eagle- Adams
dove- Jefferson
made in New England and sold in Africa and elsewhere
made in the West Indies and sold to New England and elsewhere
voting system in congress
each colony had only ONE vote regardless of the number of delegates the colony sent to Congress
the janitor (custodian) of Congress, not a member of Congress but always seemed to have an opinion about things
New York
only colony who did not cast "yea" or "nay" vote in any of the roll calls
Liberty Bell
name of the bell which hung in Independence Hall in Philadelphia where Congress met
used to make gunpowder
July 4, 1776
the day of independence for the United States (which was over a year AFTER the American Revolution's fighting had begun
George Washington
was not in Congress, was the head of the "Continental Army fighting a losing battle in New York City at the time of the signing of the Declaration on July 4, 1776
Thomas Jefferson
actual author of the Declaration of Independence-others merely gave advice (lots of it), one of the youngest members of Congress, an expert violinist, and a scientist who took the weather readings every day that congress met
Stephen Hopkins
the delegate from Rhode Island that drank too much rum, but strongly supported Independence
New Jersey
delegates arrived late because their colony had recently changed from opposing to supporting Independence
Lyman Hall
delegate from Georgia who was also a doctor