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World Trade Routes


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Silk Road
Connected China, India, and the Middle East. Traded goods and helped to spread culture.
Indian Ocean Trade
The world's largest sea-based system of communication and trade before 1500 CE
Trans-Saharan Trade
GOLD for SALT in WEST African Kingdoms along the NIGER River. Ghana, Mali and Songhai.
Roman Roads
linked all parts of the Roman Empire
50,000 miles spanned the Empire, spreading its legions, culture and immense influence.
Incan Road System
A 14,000 mile long network of bridges and roads leading to the capital tied the empire together
Grand Canal
great canal system begun by Yangdi; joined Yellow River region to the Yangtze basin
Persian Royal Road
roads across Persian empire, courier service, biggest influence on economy, stretched over 1600 miles
Khyber Pass
gap in the Hindu Kush mountains which may have been used by migrants from the north of India
Baltic Region
Region that traded AMBER

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