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State Standards vocabulary that begin with the letter e.


The production and distribution of goods and services within an economic system.

Economic Interdependence

Mutually dependent on each other financially.

Economic Sanction

The withholding, usually by several nations, of loans or trade relations with a nation violating international law, to force it to comply.


Government restriction placed on trade.


A person (migrating away from) leaving a country or area to settle in another.

Eminent Domain

(1) The right of a sovereign state to appropriate all or part of any property necessary for public use, making reasonable compensation. (2) The right in international law for one nation to appropriate the territory of property of another for self protection.


A person who organizes productive resources to take the risk to start a business.

Equal Opportunity

The idea that each person is guarenteed the same chance to succeed in life.

Equilibrium Point

(Equilibrium Price) The Price at which quantity supplied equals quantitiy demanded.


A period in history marked by some distinctive characteristic.

Ethnic Enclaves

Areas or neighborhoods within cities that are homogeneous in their ethnic make-up, and are usually surrounded by different ethnic groups. (Chinatown)

Exchange Rate

The price of one currency in relation to another currency.


Spending on goods and services.


Goods and services produced in one nation and sold to buyers in another nation.

Expressed Powers

The powers explicitly granted to Congress by the Constitution. (Enumerated powers are the same as constitutional powers or expressed powers).

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