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Restoring data

The process of placing backup data on the computer at a later time is referred to as


The ______________ buttons located on the toolbar can be used to access some Medisoft menu options

Recalculating balances

There are four tabs in the File Maintenance dialog box: Rebuild Indexes, Pack data, Purge data, and ________________


Insurance carrier payments are stored in Medisoft's ______________ database.


To begin entering information on a new patient, a command is selected on the _____________ menu


Insurance claims are created by selecting on option on the ______________ menu

Recalculate balances

If a balance reflected on the screen dose not change to reflect the most recent account activity, the _______________ command should be activated


Office Hours, Medisoft's built-in appointment scheduling program, is accessed via the ___________ menu


Program security options are set using Medisoft's ___________ menu


Collection letters are created in Medisoft using an option is located on the ____________ menu


The Create Statements option is located on the _____________ menu

Packing data

The process of _______________ removes empty information slots from the databases

Rebuilding Indexes

The file maintenance process that checks and verifies data is known as

Show hints

To turn off Medisoft's Balloon Help feature, the ______________ shortcut button is clicked


Data about physicians, such as tax and identifier numbers, are stored in Medisoft's database

Online help

The three types of help available in medisoft are Balloon help, Built in help, and


Medisoft's built in calculator is accessed via the ____________ menu


Commands on the ____________ menu can be used to switch back and forth between open windows

Purging data

Deleting files of patients who are no longer patients of the practice is called

Knowledge base

Medisoft's website contains a _________________, a searchable collection of up-to-date technical information

back-up data

A copy of data files that have been saved on a storage device is known as

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