legislative branch
the division of the federal goverment that proposes bills and passes them into laws
judicial branch
the division of the federal goverment that is made up of the national courts
executive branch
the division of the federal goverment that includes the president an dthe administrative departments
a political system in which the citizens of a region elect representatives to run the goverment
republican motherhood
concept that mothers would rear their sons to be patriotic future leaders and daughters would be intelligent
articles of confederation
the document that created the first central goverment for the united states , it was replaced by the constitution
land of ordinance of 1785
legislation passed by congress authorizing surveys and the division of public lands in the western region of the country
northwest ordinance
legislation passed by congress to established a political structure for the northwest territory and create a system for the admission of new states
virginia plan
the plan for goverment in which the national goverment would have supreme power and a legislative branch would have 2 houses with representation determined by state
new jersey plan
a proposal to create a unicameral legislature with equal representation of states rather an representation by population
great compromise
an agreement worked out at the constitutional convention establishing that a state population would determine representation in the lower house of legislature, while each state would have equal representation in the upper house
3/5 compromise
an agreement stating that enslaved people would be counted as 3/5ths of a person when determining a states population for representatives in the lower house of congress
gouveneur morris
delegate at the constitutional convention who was given the task of polishing the language of the final document
collection of essays on the principles of government wriiten in defense of the constitution
people who opposed ratification of the constitution
alexander hamilton
american statesman and member of the constitutional congress and constitutional convention
bill of rights
the first ten amendments to the constitution
the pen name used by james madison, alexander hamilton, and johyn jay , who wrote the feralist essays
delegated powers
expressed and implied powers
reserved powers
not specifically given to hte federal goverment nor does it deny these powers to the states i