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Rome and Juliet act 2


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According to the summary of Act 2, Scene 1, where does Romeo go after the party?
into the Capulet orchard
Which sentence best explains Romeo's statement in lines 10-11 from Act 2, Scene 2?
I love Juliet, and I wish she knew it
Juliet is afraid that the love between Romeo and herself is:
has come to quickly
Juliet tells Romeo that if he loves her, he will:
marry her
Friar Laurence is hesitant to marry Romeo and Juliet because he
thinks Romeo is being fickle
Tybalt sends a letter to Romeo to:
challenge Romeo to a fight
what are Romeos two instructions for the nurse
Juliet is to come to Friar Laurence cell for confession and to be married
what comparison does Friar Laurence make between humans and plants in lines 15-30 of the Scene 3?
Plants are much like humans in that they can be easily manipulated
Scene 4 lines 39-55 are an example of shakesphere's use of comic relief because Romeo and Mercuito
engage in word play
Why does the nurse delay telling Juliet about Romeos plans ?
she enjoys teasing Juliet
What does the summary of scene 2 line 116-120.what do the lines suggest about Juliet's personality ?
Juliet is cautious and sensible when it comes to romance
Shakespeare includes a soliloquy at the beginning of scene 3 to reveal Friar Laurence belief that people :
are both good and evil
why is Friar Laurence concerned about Romeos request to marry Juliet ?
Romeo falls in love to quickly
what plan does Romeo share with the nurse ?
Juliet will say that she is going to confession but will marry Romeo instead
what two things does Shakespeare reveal about Juliet through her soliloquy in scene 2 lines 33-49
1] will do anything to be able to love .2] will change her name if Romeo swears to love her
What functions do Mercuito and the nurse serve in Act two
they don't understand true love
after the nurse sees Romeo her actions toward Juliet show that she
loves Juliet and likes teasing