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Planning Phases of Web Design

First Stage
it is to plan the sight, should include an interview or meeting with a client.
Second Stage
set up the basic structure, once you understand and who the site is for and what it is mainly going to be about you are ready to decide on content
Third Stage
create the page.
Fourth Stage
test and modify the pages.
Last Stage
publish the site.
Web accessibility
is ensuring that people with disabilities can understand, navigate, interact, identify your web.
Alternative Text (ALT text)
a description of the image.
using accessing and interacting with a product or system (that will interest the people and that that they can understand.)
about basic design principle.
Flow Chart
they create a visualization a the site structure and how elements are grouped and links.
Build and Test phase
storyboards are one if the first steps the build phase.
before you launch your website you should go through a few checkpoints to make sure your Web site is search engine friendly.