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a type of pop music with songs about problems in society and words that are spoken and not sung
rock music
Loud, fast, modern music that uses drums, electric guitars and a strong beat.
classical music
serious music by people like Mozart and Stravinsky
Latin music
Any music that is from Spanish, Mexican, or central/south American Culture.
jazz music
music with a strong beat that is often played without written music
reggae music
a type of popular music from Jamaica with a strong beat
a type of slow, sad music that was developed by African-Americans
heavy metal
a type of very loud, modern music
R & B
a type of popular African-American music meaning rhythm and blues
A musical group of a specialized type.
A person who sings
a short piece of music with words that are sung
The words to a song
a musical performance
a small performance of pop or rock music
(n.) an act of singing along to a music video without the original singer
concert hall
a large public building designed for the performance of concerts
a large group of musicians playing string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments
someone who stands in front of a group of musicians or singers and controls their performance
a person who writes, sings, or plays music
pop music
modern music with a strong beat which is popular with young people
punk music
a style of music and fashion in the 1970s which was wild, loud, and violent
techo or electronic music
a type of electronic dance music
a type of popular punk music with words about people's feelings and emotions
folk music
music written and played in a traditional style

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