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  1. ofender
  2. darle un abrazo
  3. Sugiero que no hagas caso a los rumores.
  4. el consejo
  5. la disculpa
  1. a I suggest that you not pay attention to rumors.
  2. b advice
  3. c to offend
  4. d to give (someone) a hug
  5. e apology

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  1. to be resentful
  2. to buy (someone) a gift
  3. I didn't mean to hurt/offend you.
  4. to fight
  5. It would be a good/bad idea to break up with...

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  1. reconciliarseto apologize


  2. cometer un errorto admit a mistake


  3. Date tiempo para pensarlo.Give yourself time to think it over.


  4. Créeme que fue sin make a mistake


  5. herir (ie, i)to hurt (someone)