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#10B: Pronouns with their corresponding endings, auxillary verbs transliterated in English

For students who are learning Hindi without the Hindi script. www.ilearnhindi.org For pronunciation yah = ye vah = vo
huu^ (am)
mai (I)
ho (are)
tum (You - familiar)
hai^ (are)
aap (You - formal)
hai (is)
ye ( This/he/she/it - proximate)
hai (is)
vo (That/he/she/it -remote )
hai^ (are)
ye (These , they -proximate),
hai^ (are)
ve (Those, they -remote)
hai (is)
sab kuch (everything )
hai^ (is)
sab log (everybody)
hai (is)
tuu ( you -intimate or disrespectful)
hai^ (are)
ham (We)