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Braden schale

for predicting pressure ulcer risk

finger prick

Patient ID
Avoid finger pad.
Use the second blood drop for testing.
Do not apply blood on top.

KCl maximum dose

10 milliequivalent IV every hour

04 things to remember at every procedure

- Gel in, gel out
- Alcohol wipes
- ID patient
- Bed down, sides up

What to fill in the MA sheet

- meds from 7 am to 1 pm
- prn medication if given in the past 24 hours

Intramuscular Injection - site

vastus lateralis

Intramuscular injection - needle length

01 inch to 2 inches

Intramuscular injection - gauge

21 - 22

Intramuscular syringe

3-5 ml

Intramuscular injection

Angle 90 degree + aspiration

Subcutaneous injection - Sites

Posterior upper arm + abdomen

Subcutaneous injection - needle length

three eighth (3/8) inch - five eighth (5/8) inche

Subcutaneous injection - Needle gauge


Subcutaneous injection - syringe

1-3 ml

Subcutaneous injection

angle 90 degree, pinch an inch

Intradermal injection - sites

anterior forearm

Intradermal injection - needle length

half (1/2) inch - five eighth (5/8) inch

Intradermal injection - needle gauge


Intradermal injection - syringe


Intradermal injection

bevel up, 5-15 degree, raise a bubble under the skin, insert needle no more than half way

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