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facts and places

3 main regions

eastern highlands, central lowlands, and western plateau

eastern highlands

Blue mtns.(eucalyptus trees and snowy mountains-australian alps) and highest poin tis mt.Koscuisko

central lowlands

great artesian basin, lowest pt. is Lake Eyre-rivers

main rivers

Murray, Darling

other rivers

Murrimbidgee, Ord, Fitzroy, Victoria, and Roper R.

Nullarbor Plain

no-trees plain

Lake Eyre, Lake Torrens, Lake Gairdner

3 main lakes

Western Plateau

Ayer's Rock(Uluru), Kata-tjuta

Gibson, Simpson, Great Victorian, Sandy desert


Kimberly Plateau

hostile, rugged land

Australian Alps

mountains get snow(eastern highland area)


dry lake bed

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