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Australia's physical features

facts and places
3 main regions
eastern highlands, central lowlands, and western plateau
eastern highlands
Blue mtns.(eucalyptus trees and snowy mountains-australian alps) and highest poin tis mt.Koscuisko
central lowlands
great artesian basin, lowest pt. is Lake Eyre-rivers
main rivers
Murray, Darling
other rivers
Murrimbidgee, Ord, Fitzroy, Victoria, and Roper R.
Nullarbor Plain
no-trees plain
Lake Eyre, Lake Torrens, Lake Gairdner
3 main lakes
Western Plateau
Ayer's Rock(Uluru), Kata-tjuta
Gibson, Simpson, Great Victorian, Sandy desert
Kimberly Plateau
hostile, rugged land
Australian Alps
mountains get snow(eastern highland area)
dry lake bed