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RNA virus is very stable, ingested in contminated water, generally mild of asymptomatic disease, but can infect the CNS and cause paralysis; death results from respiratory failure; Salk vaccine uses viruses killed with formalin; Sabin vaccine uses three living attenuated virus strains, disease has been eliminated in the Americas and Europe


Spread by the bite of an infected animal; 30 to 50 day incubation period; grows in muscles then travels up the peripheral nerves to the CNS; symptoms result from loss of nerve control; usually fatal in a few days; can be spready by aerosols; treatment is by vaccine and immun globulin injections

Arboviral Encephalitis

Spread by mosquitoes in birds, can be a disease of horses and sometimes humans; causes inflamation of the brain, symptoms are chills, fever, headache, coma, and death; generally a mild disease

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