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Leebu (proverbs)

Ku yaag ci teen, baag fekk la fa
For he who waits at the well, a water pail will be there.
Kéwél du tëb doom ja bëtt.
The leaping gazelle does not produce burrowing offspring
Janax du jur lu dul luy gas
The rat only begets that which digs.
Ku bëgg lem, ñeme yamb
He who desires honey must brave the bees.
Dëgg, kaani la.
Truth is a hot pepper.
Nen du bëre ak doj
The egg and rock should not wrestle.
Ndànk-ndànk, mooy jàpp golo ci Ñaay.
Slowly, slowly, one catches a monkey in the bush.
Nag wéq na doomam, waaye bañu ko
The cow kicks her calf but does not hate it.
Sa xaritu noon, sa noon la
Your friend's enemy is your enemy
Musiba du yem ci boppu boroom.
The epidemic is not confined to one from whom it originates
Tungune du teew ñuy nataal
No need to draw a dwarf if one is standing in front of you
ku munuta fey do fekeh ngenteh jessit
If you cannot swim, you cannot attend the christening of crocodiles
Buur du mbokk
A king is not a relative
Njiit ndey ji séex la jaaxanaay ley tëddé
A leader is a mother of twins who lies on her back to enable both babies equal access to her breasts
ñakk déggôo amul ñakk waxtaan a am
Disagreement does not exist as such; it is just a lack of communication