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This is the second set of lit terms for AP 11 classes. Watch out for figurative language terms; they're tough!


repetition of consonant sounds at the beginnings of words; a type of scheme


a word or a phrase is repeated twice in a row; it's at the end of one sentence or clause and then again at the beginning of the next sentence or clause; a type of scheme


inverting the natural order of words; a type of scheme (Think Yoda!)


the opposite or contrast of ideas written in similar sentence structure; a type of scheme


a noun set beside another noun to explain or identify it; a type of scheme


repetition of vowel sounds within words; a type of scheme


two clauses, the 2nd of which reverses the order of the first; a type of scheme. Ex: "Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate" (JFK's Inaugural Address).


an elaborate metaphor that drives a whole poem or story; a type of trope


repetition of consonant sounds within words; a type of scheme

dramatic irony

the audience/ reader sees or knows something that other characters cannot; ensuing events are ironic

expository writing

writing that intends to inform, explain, argue; nonfiction


literary prose based on imagination and not necessarily on fact

figurative language

writing that goes beyond the literal, original use of the words; aka figure of speech. There are two types: tropes and schemes.


hints or clues that prepare the reader for future events


a type of literature (be able to name some)


exaggeration for emphasis; opposite of understatement; a type of trope


sensory detail


the contrast between expectations and reality; 3 types exist


using parallelism/ anaphora in a list; a type of scheme; aka bicolon, tricolon, tetracolon. Ex: "of the people, by the people, for the people"


understatement done for emphasis by saying what something is not; a type of trope

loaded language

emotionally charged words used to persuade

local color

style of writing that brings regional literature alive by detailing dialect, dress, mannerism, customs, character types, and landscapes of a particular area of the country


a comparison of two seemingly unlike objects for the purpose of creating interest in imaginative writing;a type of trope


referring to something by naming an object closely associated with it; a type of trope


a speech given by one person; if alone on stage=soliloquy; if alone in a story=interior monologue


an idea that resurfaces throughout an individual work


description of actions in a story


writing that tells a story; may be true or false or a combination


prose written about real people, events, places, and ideas


an extended work of fiction


words that imitate the sounds they describe; a type of scheme


wording ideas of equal importance with a similar sentence structure and often placing them in succesion; a type of scheme


interesting ARRANGEMENT or play with words, often times to effect the sound; one of the two main figures of speech


a comparison of two seemingly unlike objects using the words LIKE or AS; a type of trope

situational irony

one event is expected to occur, but something entirely different actually occurs


using a literal object to represent an abstract idea; a type of trope


referring to something by naming one part of the object; a type of trope


words that MEAN more than what they say directly; one of the two main figures of speech


giving less credit than something is worth; opposite of hyperbole; a type of trope

verbal irony

the character or author says one thing, but means something else

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