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  1. foreshadowing
  2. narrative
  3. motif
  4. irony
  5. nonfiction
  1. a an idea that resurfaces throughout an individual work
  2. b writing that tells a story; may be true or false or a combination
  3. c prose written about real people, events, places, and ideas
  4. d hints or clues that prepare the reader for future events
  5. e the contrast between expectations and reality; 3 types exist

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  1. writing that intends to inform, explain, argue; nonfiction
  2. using parallelism/ anaphora in a list; a type of scheme; aka bicolon, tricolon, tetracolon. Ex: "of the people, by the people, for the people"
  3. sensory detail
  4. literary prose based on imagination and not necessarily on fact
  5. words that MEAN more than what they say directly; one of the two main figures of speech

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  1. anadiplosisthe opposite or contrast of ideas written in similar sentence structure; a type of scheme


  2. novelan extended work of fiction


  3. chiasmusunderstatement done for emphasis by saying what something is not; a type of trope


  4. narrationwriting that tells a story; may be true or false or a combination


  5. parallelismusing a literal object to represent an abstract idea; a type of trope