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  1. antithesis
  2. foreshadowing
  3. conceit
  4. symbolism
  5. anastrophe
  1. a inverting the natural order of words; a type of scheme (Think Yoda!)
  2. b the opposite or contrast of ideas written in similar sentence structure; a type of scheme
  3. c hints or clues that prepare the reader for future events
  4. d using a literal object to represent an abstract idea; a type of trope
  5. e an elaborate metaphor that drives a whole poem or story; a type of trope

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  1. referring to something by naming an object closely associated with it; a type of trope
  2. the audience/ reader sees or knows something that other characters cannot; ensuing events are ironic
  3. prose written about real people, events, places, and ideas
  4. understatement done for emphasis by saying what something is not; a type of trope
  5. words that imitate the sounds they describe; a type of scheme

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  1. isocolonusing parallelism/ anaphora in a list; a type of scheme; aka bicolon, tricolon, tetracolon. Ex: "of the people, by the people, for the people"


  2. synecdochereferring to something by naming one part of the object; a type of trope


  3. loaded languageemotionally charged words used to persuade


  4. fictionliterary prose based on imagination and not necessarily on fact


  5. anadiplosisa word or a phrase is repeated twice in a row; it's at the end of one sentence or clause and then again at the beginning of the next sentence or clause; a type of scheme