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  1. narrative
  2. conceit
  3. monologue
  4. nonfiction
  5. simile
  1. a an elaborate metaphor that drives a whole poem or story; a type of trope
  2. b a comparison of two seemingly unlike objects using the words LIKE or AS; a type of trope
  3. c writing that tells a story; may be true or false or a combination
  4. d prose written about real people, events, places, and ideas
  5. e a speech given by one person; if alone on stage=soliloquy; if alone in a story=interior monologue

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  1. giving less credit than something is worth; opposite of hyperbole; a type of trope
  2. the character or author says one thing, but means something else
  3. an extended work of fiction
  4. sensory detail
  5. exaggeration for emphasis; opposite of understatement; a type of trope

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  1. ironywords that MEAN more than what they say directly; one of the two main figures of speech


  2. tropethe contrast between expectations and reality; 3 types exist


  3. alliterationdescription of actions in a story


  4. figurative languagewriting that goes beyond the literal, original use of the words; aka figure of speech. There are two types: tropes and schemes.


  5. metaphorreferring to something by naming an object closely associated with it; a type of trope