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  1. tunica
  2. natchez
  3. chitimacha
  4. houma
  1. a live in st mary parish
  2. b totem=rattlesnake
  3. c wore decorated clothing
  4. d used crawfish as totem

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  1. some live in oklahoma and mississippi
  2. they lived in perminent towns
  3. bought land in bayou blue
  4. original location=red river and its tributaries
  5. original location=mississippi and aboyelles parish

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  1. chitimachaoriginal location=grant lake,butteu larose,mouth of bayou plaksman


  2. natchezdisplaced by french


  3. natchezused tattoos


  4. caushattamoved from tennesse river to south central LA


  5. caddohunted on horse back


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