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  1. atakapa
  2. tunica
  3. chactaw
  4. chitimacha
  1. a supported french in french and indian war
  2. b women could hold political power
  3. c displaced by the spanish and french
  4. d original location=mississippi and aboyelles parish

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  1. hunted on horse back
  2. ruled by chief who inherited tradition
  3. added cattle,horses,and pottery to their farms
  4. used weving,wood carving and palmedo baskets
  5. some live in oklahoma and mississippi

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  1. natchezdisplaced by the spanish and french


  2. natchezhunted on horse back


  3. chactawhunted on horse back


  4. chactawthey lived in perminent towns


  5. tunicanow live in terrabbone and lafouce parishes