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In the Words of Poe: Figurative Language Dissected

Comparison of two things using "like" or "as"
Poe's example of smilie:
"I opened the door so a single dim ray, like the thread of a spider shot out from the crevice"--"The Tell Tale Heart"
Our example:
"The light shined as bright as the sun"
A comparison of two objects without using "like" or "as"; the two objects should be related in some way
Poe's example of metaphor:
"I had walled the monster (cat) up in th tomb!"--"The Black Cat"
Our Example:
This shirt is paper thin
Applying human qualities to inanimate objects or abstract ideas; making nonliving things come to life
Poe's example of Personification:
"Death had enveloped the victim."--"The Tell Tale Heart"
Our Example:
The chair was jumping up in down
The repetition of the beginning sounds of words next to each other (resemble tounge twisters)
Poe's example of Alliteraion:
"During the whole dull, dark, soundless day in the autumn of the year, I had been passing alone on a dreary tract of land."--"The Fall of the House of Usher"
Our Example: Mrs. Mary Marie Very Much Liked Sweet, Salted, Sauted Onions
Use of words to imitate natural sounds
Poe's Example of Onomatopoeia:
"I was answered by a voice from within the tomb-at first like the sobbing of a child then a howling -a wailing shreik."--"The Black Cat "
Our Example: The ball screamed as it fell into the glove
Great or extravagant exaggeration(unrealistic statment)
Poe's example of Hyperbole:
"the white trunks of decayed trees turn his heart to ice."--"The Fall of The House of Usher"
Our Example: The pumpkin was as big as Texas
The room was an oven and the students were baking in the sun
The slimy snail slowly snuck across the busy sidewalk
Crash went the glass on the hard til floor below
The cool wind kissed my check as i walked home from school
I have a ton of homework every night
The rain fell like bullets from the black sky
Kind of Conflict:
Character vs. Character
Character vs. Nature
Character vs. Society
Kind of conflict:
Character vs. Self
Narrator does not take death seriously
Masque of the Red Death
Narrator commits murder
Black Cat & Tell Tale Heart
Resolution comes at the begging of the story (THINK OF FLASHBACK)
Black Cat & Tell Tale Heart
A fire destroys all but one wall of a house
Black Cat
The narrator's guilt gives him away
Tall Tale Heart
The Raven
The Narrator is reading and dozes off
The Raven enter and sits upon the statue
The Narrator questions the bird about Lenore
The Narrator screams at the bird to leave