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In general, the _____ are aged 65 to 75.
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The _____ suffer from notable losses in body, mind, or social support, although they still have some strengths as wellold-oldIn 1950, children outnumbered elders by7 to 1According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, _____ was a leading cause of morbidity and excess mortality among older adultsa broken hipThe types of aging changes related to particular conditions or illnesses that become more common with aging but are caused by health habits, genes, and other influences are referred to as:secondary agingThe compression of morbidity is:accomplished by postponing illness.Which of the following produce premature aging and early death?ApoE4 and progeriaThe Swedish research cited in the text suggested which of the following when comparing centenarians and octogenarians?Centenarians may be happier based on the data that they have fewer mental and physical problems.Which of the following -isms is least recognized?ageismWho is more likely to regularly exercise?Margaret, who is 65 and takes a water aerobics class for seniorsWho is most likely to be targeted by street crime?Brandon, who is 17Which of the following types of intimate contact does NOT become more important during older adulthood?intercourseLodge and Umberson's (2012) study concluded that sexual activity was a(n):social construction._____ is a buildup of fluid within the eye that causes damage to the optic nerveGlaucomaThe Hayflick limit refers to:the number of times a human cell is capable of dividingThis is a purported mechanism in the DNA of cells that regulates the aging process by triggering hormonal changes and controlling cellular reproduction and repair.genetic clockAbout how many times per night do older adults wake up?10Many elderly believe that they may suffer from _____. However, their changing sleep pattern is perfectly normal for the aging population.insomniaWho is the least likely to be involved in an automobile accident?Clay, who is 67 years oldWhat makes falls a serious concern for the elderly?Falls often lead to immobility and consequently various medical problemsFor humans, the maximum life span is approximately _____ years.122Fruit flies can live three times as long if they eat less. This is an example of:calorie restrictionThe oldest possible age that members of a particular species can attain is called:maximum life spanAgeism can prevent depressed elderly people fromgetting medical assistance for treatable conditionsWhich country has the highest percentage of people over age 65?JapanWhat percentage of women over the age of 80 are in an intimate relationship and have had sexual intercourse in the past year?40 percentThe term used to refer to the universal changes that happen as people age is:primary agingSometimes people take certain medications or _____ to extend life.sirtuinsThe current average life expectancy worldwide for women is:73A study of Germany, Italy, Finland, Hungary, and the Netherlands found that _____ of those over the age of 75 ride their bicycle every day.15 percentA five-nation study found that this predicts happiness in long-lasting intimate relationships.kissing and hugging_____ cause(s) blindness about five years after onset.Macular degenerationPrejudice about late adulthood is common among people:of all agesIn the 1960s, demographers feared:a worldwide population explosion and mass starvation by year 2000.When researchers used the "grounded theory" method to study sexual activity in the elder population, they found that:more respondents said their sex life had improved than said it had deteriorated_____ is a buildup of fluid within the eye that causes damage to the optic nerve.GlaucomaThe average life span of individuals in a particular group is called:average life expectancy.