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The slowing down of the brain in primary aging may be attributed to:
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Edward is 71 years old and is taking an adult-education Spanish class. He often finds himself in class having difficulty paying attention, daydreaming, and experiencing intrusive memories from his past. Edward did not have these issues when he was a college student in his 20s. Edward's experience could be explained by which of the following?
Supat is 86 years old and is examining his role in the history of human life. Some would say that this activity indicates:life review.Researchers have found that cognitive abilities can be improved:by playing video gamesWhich of the following statements about the brain in adulthood is true?New neurons form and new dendrites grow throughout adulthoodWhich of the following statements is true about the problem-solving abilities of people in late adulthood?People in late adulthood are more likely to use more areas of their brains than younger people.An explanation for an older adult perceiving the words in the ear ants for the word interference is:reduced sensory inputSusan, 71 years old, has been setting alarms on her cell phone so that she can remember to take her medicine on time. Which type of memory is she compensating for?prospective memoryIndividuals with Alzheimer's disease show _____ cognitive decline compared to those with vascular major neurocognitive disorder, who have _____ decline.gradual; suddenWith _____, symptoms may vanish quickly and go unnoticed.transient ischemic attacksCases of Lewy body dementia make up _______ of neurocognitive disorders in the United States.3 percentErik Erikson was interested in the _____ of the elderly.perspectiveWhich of the following is important to the cognitive gains of older adults, although they do not exist in every nation?Universities for the Third AgeWhich of the following is true about cognition in late adulthood?Education and intellectual challenge will likely influence cognitive functioning in late adulthood.Gray matter in the brain, which is reduced as we age, is responsible for:processing new experiences.Betty, 78 years old, is experiencing senescence. Which of the following is she most likely to demonstrate?increased reaction timeInformation must cross what in order to be perceived?the sensory thresholdAn older person's saying "I know but I just can't remember" indicates a problem with:retrievalA major threat to elderly cognition and learning is:stereotype threat.Cases of Lewy body dementia make up _______ of neurocognitive disorders in the United States.3 percentMedication, such as _____, is effective in slowing down the progression of neurocognitive disorder due to stroke.those that reduce cholesterol levelsWhich of the following statements is TRUE?The rate of decline in neurocognitive disorders can be treated.Which of the following is not an example of an elderly person engaging in a life review?Barbara is reading a book about traveling the world.Due to the shrinkage of the prefrontal cortex as we age, which of the following behaviors might you see in late adulthood?occasional inappropriate responsesWhich type of information is the most likely to decline with age?recalling names and new wordsIf Hortensia expects to lose her intellectual power as she ages, she is demonstrating the influence of:stereotype threatA type of neurocognitive disorder that begins with impairments in motor control but not impaired thinking is:stereotype threatAn autopsy that finds massive plaques and tangles proves that a person had Alzheimer's disease. However, between 20 and 30 percent of cognitively typical elders have extensive plaques in their brains at autopsy. What of the following may explain this phenomenon?Cognitive reserve enables some people to bypass the disconnections caused by plaquesMaslow believed that as people got older they were more likely to:reach self-actualizationWhich of the following is TRUE regarding wisdom?Humor, perspective, and altruism increase over the decadesOne research study described in the text had older adults play a video game for 20 hours to see whether training could improve their:control processesWhich of the following is the possible intellectual ability that is expected to underlie all other aspects of intelligence and is a focus of studies on intelligence in late adulthood?processing speedProcessing information in the conscious mind is to _____ memory as permanent knowledge is to _____ memory.working; long-termWhich of the following is true about late adulthood and emotions?Most elderly people are content with their lives.The average elderly person:sees a physician eight times a year.What did Erik Erikson call the people he interviewed who were in their 90s to reflect their awareness of the interdependence of the generations and the human experience?social witnessesResearchers have found that it is possible to improve almost any specific cognitive ability in the young-old if:the training process is targeted to the individual's motivation and abilities.Problems with laboratory research on cognition of the elderly include all of the following EXCEPT:using a familiar setting and memory cuesWhen Rosemary viciously accused her daughter-in-law of stealing the spatula that she herself misplaced, she was exhibiting the _____ found in frontotemporal lobular degeneration.impaired social behavior and emotional regulationGreta is 81 years old and has been experiencing hallucinations. She has some motor difficulty, so she falls frequently. At times she loses attention and behaves inappropriately, as if she has no inhibitions. Which of the following is Greta most likely suffering from?Lewy body dementiaWhich of the following contributes to problems with polypharmacy in late adulthood?A "prescribing cascade" is more likely in older adults who have more than one health condition.Walter is 89 years old. He is deeply spiritual, has a surprising sense of humor, cares deeply about his family and community, and loves to spend time painting and writing. Maslow would likely describe Walter as:self-actualizedAlice, age 75, is a gifted artist who feels that only her _____ has changed as a result of her being older.ambitionEvidence of an impaired cognitive retrieval strategy is:less accurate memory for names.Rates of major neurocognitive disorder in the elderly are _____ percent in those aged 70 to 79 and about _____ percent in those over 905; 37Blockage of a blood vessel in the brain that keeps sufficient oxygen from getting into the brain tissue is a result of:transient ischemic attacksOne difference between stories told by people in late adulthood and younger people is that older adults often include:more information about experiences of other family members and cohorts rather than just their own personal experiences.Erik Erikson was interested in the _____ of the elderly.