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Touching Spirit Bear

What is the boys name?
Where is the island?
Why is Cole going to the island?
Because he Beat up Peter Driscall
Who did he beat up?
Peter Driscall
Who is with Cole on the island?
Edwin and Garvey
When Cole comes to the island what does he think of the island?
What does Cole have for dinner on his first night?
Hot dogs
When Cole is in court how does he describe his parents to the judge?
He says his dad is always beating him senselessly and getting arrested and getting drunk and his mom is always getting drunk and is never around.
Hoe does Cole try to escape the island?
He tries to swim away
What ingredients does Garvey make Cole eat?
Butter, eggs, flour and sugar.
What kind of animal does cole kill?
Garvey's cat.
What kind of animal does Cole try to catch, but doesn't succeed?
A beaver
What type of animals does Cole find,kill and eat?
A mouse and a fish.
What type of weapon does Cole get?
A dagger
What does Cole hurt his knuckles on the first time?
A concrete wall
What doe Cole hurt hi knuckles on the second time?
A tree
What kinds of dances does Cole learn?
The mouse dance, the anger dance and the spirit bear dance.
What does cole put on fire the first time he is on the island?
The shelter
What does Cole get mauled by?
The Spirit Bear.
Who tells Cole about the Mysterious Spirit Bear?
What injuries does Cole have after the mauling?
Broken ribs/hips and pelvis, almost torn off arm and deep chest scratches.
How does Edwin know that he can trust Cole?
He leaves the keys to the boat which gives Cole the chance to escape and when Edwin comes back Cole is just sitting there.
Where does Cole go to soak?
He goes to the pond.
When peter comes to the island what does cole make for dinner?
Spaghetti with hot dog.
Does peter beat up Cole?
Does Cole fight back?
What animals are carved on the totem pole?
Spirit bear and a mouse