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  1. market economy/capitalism/free enterprise
  2. capital resources
  3. economy
  4. primary industry
  5. quarternary industry
  1. a resources are owned by private citizens, citizens can keep profits from their own businesses, price guides the marketplace/United States/China (somewhat)/Russia/European countries/Mexico
  2. b services for producing or selling things - banking and retail
  3. c taking something from the earth - farming, fishing, mining and lumbering
  4. d buildings, machines, tools and equipment
  5. e careful management of producing, distributing and consuming wealth and resources

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  1. transport and distribute goods and services - deal with communication - highways, telephones, airlines
  2. natural resources + human resources + capital resources = goods and services
  3. anywhere goods or services are sold or traded
  4. amount paid to an individual for services provided
  5. one who uses goods or services

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  1. human resources/laborhuman effort and energy used in production


  2. entrepreneurshipminerals, water, trees and land


  3. producerone who uses goods or services


  4. natural resourcesminerals, water, trees and land


  5. servicea job done for someone else