Graphic Design Vocabulary

Elements of Design
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Sizethe comparative relation of objectsPrinciples of Designwhat we do with the elements of design (balance, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm & unity)Balancethe distribution of the visual weight of objects, colors, texture and spaceSymmetrical Balancethe elements used on one side of a design are similar to those on the other sideAsymmetrical Balancethe sides are different but still look balancedEmphasisthe part of the design that catches the viewer's attentionMovementthe path a viewer's eye takes through the design, often to focal areasPatterthe repeating of an object or symbol all over the artworkRhythmcreated when one or more elements of a design are used repeatedly to create a feeling of organized movementUnitythe feeling of harmony between all parts of the artwork creating a sense of completeness