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  1. Insular cortex, particularly the anterior isula is involved in
  2. The first detectable action of CPG output function is
  3. In the brainstem, pharyngeal swallowing is triggered sequential bursts of interneurons of known duration that are then
  4. The interneurons of the central pattern generator mediate
  5. Nucleus Tractus Solitarius contains
  1. a cell bodies of sensory neurons of CN VII, CN IX, CN X
  2. b contraction of mylohyoid
  3. c directed to various cranial nerve nuclei to translate the bursts into messages sent to muscles for specific action or contraction pattern
  4. d interactions between motor and sensory nuclei
  5. e the coordination of interaction of oral musculature, gustation, and autonomic functions

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  1. it is less likely to pass through narrow sites in transit, and may lodge above them instead
  2. the initiation of swallowing and the level of neuromuscular activity of volitional swallowing
  3. deformed more easily and move more readily in response to gravity and compression
  4. dorsal regions (NTS) in the medulla to complete the swallow
  5. produce sequential swallow phases (oral followed by pharyngeal followed by esophageal)

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  1. The bilateral anterolateral regoins of the premotor cortex aredorsal regions (NTS) in the medulla to complete the swallow


  2. Nucleus Ambiguus connects with the motor nuclei ofmotor neurons of CNs IX and X


  3. Changes in bolus volume createthe timing of the tongue base retraction to contact the anteriorly and medially moving pharyngeal walls occurs later in the swallow


  4. If stimulus threshold is reached in NTS thensends information to the Nucleus Ambiguus to execute the specified motor sequence


  5. As viscosity increasesvalve functions, such as VP closure, upper esophageal opening, and laryngeal closure also inscrease slightly in duration