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world war 2

study guide for ww2
Major bank of Vienna that collapsed in the aftermath of the global economy. Germany could no longer pay reparations.
he was chancellor and primarily responsible for the reconstruction of the republic and for giving it a sense of self-confidence
pope pius xii
monsignor eugenio pacelli
jesse ownes
black man from alabama beat hitlers "super man" in track
nuremberg laws
deprived jews of german citizenship, confining them to status of "subjects"
living space; Hitler thought more was needed for pure Germans and promised to get this by conquering Eastern Europe and Russia
joachim von ribbentrop
Foreign Minister of Germany later hanged for war crimes after numberg trails
Night of Broken Glass, Nov 9 1938 night when the Nazis killed or injured many jews & destroyed many jewish propertys
president of czechoslovakia
dr. hacha
pact of steel
Treaty made between Germany and Italy, the two fascist governments
secret protocol
allows for a division of easter europe (poland) between germany and russia
subcamp of Auschwitz
canned goods
The "Sitting war" or "Phony war"
evaluation of british foreces/ british and civilians evacuated 338,000 allied troops
marshal philipe petain
head of nazi government in southern france/marshal of france
june 22, 1940, at 6:50
war ended
operation sea lion
Hitler's codename for the plan to invade Great Britain United Kingdom
operation barbarossa
codename for Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II.
a Russian city was surrounded and supplies cut off, the civilians and soldiers still fought eventually making the Germans surrender
tripartite pact
Signed between the Axis powers in 1940 (Italy, Germany and Japan) where they pledged to help the others in the event of an attack by the US
watch normandy
hitler told troops to watch out for normandy so that they wouldnt invade them.
free of Jews, slogan meaning "cleasened of Jews", used by Nazis after every Jew was either dead or removed from an area
death book
nacht und nebel erlass
night of and fog decree...kidnapping and forced disappearance of many politcal activists and resistance "helpless" throught nazi germany
rabbit girls
polish inmates were given gas gangrene wonds while otherss were subjected to "experiments" in bone grafting