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Social control occurs in _____, ___ ____, and _____ _____. Members of society are expected to act ____.

families, peer groups, bureaucratic organizations, properly

Deviance can be understood only within its ____ ____. In most instances, those individuals and groups with the greatest status and power define what is ____and what is ____.

social context, acceptable, deviant

The term stigma was coined by ____ ____

erving goffman

There has been a significant ____ in violent crimes in the united states


____ ____ argued that there is nothing inherently deviant or criminal in any act; the key is how sociology responds to the act

Emile Durkheim

Emile Durkheim used the term ____


____ ____ took durkheim's theory a step further by creating the anomie theory of deviance

robert merton

Anomie theory of deviance posits five basic forms of adaptations:

1) Conformity

2) Innovation

3) Ritualism

4) Retreatism

5) Rebellion

Robert merton's ____ ____ __ ____ was popular but not completely accurate

anomie theory of deviance

____ ____ drew upon cultural transmission

Edwin Sutherland

Edwin Sutherland used the term ____ ____

differential association

According to ____ ____, the criminal justice system serves the interests of the powerful, who define deviance to suit their own needs.

Richard Quinney

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