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A list of goods or services on sale with their description and prices published as a printed or electronic document
Montgomery Ward (1872)
The first catalog
-First mail order business
-Started with a single sheet offering 163 items
-By 1904 was mailing catalogs to over 3 million homes
Honestead act of 1862
Westward expansion following growth of the railroads
Classification of mail order to receive special postal rates
Reduced cost to a penny per pound
Rural free delivery
Allowed catalogers to reach a larger audience
The guarantee
Willingness to stand behind the product
The homestead act, classification of mail order to receive special postal rates, rural free delivery and the guarantee
What 4 things drove the catalog business?
1888 as a watch and jewelry catalog
The Sears catalog started in what year as what?
By 1894 how many pages had the Sears catalog expanded to from sewing machines to automobiles?
By 1895 how many pages did the sears catalog expand to?
By this year, specialty catalogs were the only format available
Special catalogs
Offer goods from a particular product category or aimed at a particular consumer profile (Ex: Sears Wishbook)
As a means of putting the experience or store in the hands of the consumer and offer an alternative to cold, single sense online or mobile experience
2 ways catalogs are different today
JCPenney began offering catalogs in what year?
Lower investment in physical space, lower investment in inventory, sent to consumer so no hoping they will find you, no need to figure out where to put merchandise across 1000+ stores and just need to know where to mail the catalogs and to put the distribution centers
5 benefits of catalog over physical store
Immersive, multi-sensory, inspiring and call to action
4 things that make a good catalog experience
Channel and a thought process
Catalogs have 2 stores to tell, as a...
The rise (and somewhat fall) of catalog as a stand-alone channel is catalog as a...
Thought process
The vision, tools and methods created by the catalog industry that continue to influence retail channels is catalogs as a...
Customer reviews, club or loyalty programs and product presentation and adjacencies
What 3 things were invented by catalogs?
Customer reviews
Include customer testimonials
Club or loyalty programs
Discounts for frequent purchasers, loyal consumers or friends and family orders
"Customer profit sharing" at Sears - $1 certificate for every dollar spent
Product presentation and adjacencies
Had to figure out the optimal arrangement and flow long before there was an internet
Physical stores see the WHAT of consumers
Catalogs saw the WHAT of consumers?
Optimized and somewhat personalized experiences, use of consumer information in planning, ability to measure in detail and test and learn mentality
What 4 ways were catalogs the training ground for the successful start of ecommerce?
Shop from home 24/7, offer a broader assortment, every size and color and a listing of products available for sale
4 ways catalog consumers and catalog retailers saw the value of the internet
Catalog showrooms
Service merchandise and best products were two of the largest examples of these in the U.S.
-Mailed their large catalogs once or more per year
-Offered large warehouses where you could browse example products, place your order, pay and then go to the back of the store to pick up your merchandise
What is available for sale
The customer database
Available audience and their preferences
The book
What format works and fits financially
Products, the customer database and the book
What 3 components are needed to make money?
Maximizing sales dollars while reducing the amount mailed
How to make money with catalogs
The largest efficient mailing possible, high response rates and high average spend per response
3 successes of catalogs that will help them make money
Database marketing
How you go about getting the right catalog to the right consumer at the right time and minimizing the wasted mailings