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What is a revival also known as?A camp meetingDenominations of the Evangelical movementBaptists, Methodists, Unitarians, Mormons, MillennialistsSpiritualsfolk hymnsList 2 iconic things Revivalists did to support their beliefs.Helped slaves escape and worked for women's right to voteWhat was the main idea of Charles Grandison Finney?He believed people had to reform themselves.What did Lyman Beecher preach?Good people make a good country.Temperance MovementAn organized campaign to eliminate alcohol consumptionArgument against alcohol consumptionThreatened family life and caused employee absenteeismRepublican virtuesVirtues the American people would need to govern themselvesList the republican virtuesself-reliance, industry, frugality, harmony, and the ability to sacrifice individual needs for the good of the communityHorace MannEstablished the grade level system, consistent curricula, and teacher training programsFirst textbook for public schoolMcGuffey ReadersPrisons were reformed in the early 1800s to do what?Make inmates reflect on their sins and possibly rejoin society as law-abiding citizensDorothea DixA reformer and pioneer in the movement to treat the insane as mentally illUtopian communitiesgroups of people who tried to form a perfect society (usually religiously oriented)Shakersa Utopian community that aimed to lead lives of productive labor, moral perfection, and equalityMercy Otis Warrenplay wright and political activist who urged women to take part in intellectual activitiesHow many kids did Lyman Beecher have?13 kidsBenjamin Rushdoctor, scientist, and revolutionary; represented PA in Continental Congress and argued that there was a physical basis for mental illnessBenjamin Bannekerwriter, inventor, mathematician and astronomer; surveyed the site of the new capital of Washington, DCCharles Willson Pealepainter, soldier, politician, scientist and inventor; founded museum that helped bring science and art to the general publicPhillis WheatleyAfrican-American poet born into slavery who was educated by ownersCotton belta band of states stretching from South Carolina to TexasWhy was the South's geography good for farming?Few frosty days, fertile soil, plentiful rainDifferences between small and large farms in terms of their use of slaves.Small: owners and slaves worked side by side Large: 20 or more slaves were supervised by foremen who were much harsher to slaves than small farm ownersCompare and contrast Northern and Southern cities.Similarities: run down housing and poor sanitation Differences: south had smaller populationsWhat was banned in 1808?Congress banded all future importation of slaves to the US.Why did the slave population increase even after 1808?Rapid increase in internal slave trade and children born to slavesWhat is the relationship between the cost of slaves compared to the demand of cotton?Directly proportionalVesey's PlanDenmark Vesey and countless other slaves and free African-Americans plotted to seize Charleston, kill all residents and burn the city. He and his plan were betrayed by other slaves, however, and he was hung.Turner's RebellionTurner led 70 slaves to kill white families in a revolt led by "divine inspiration".What social and governmental changes will be made due to the threat of slave uprisings?Many states, especially Virginia, considered ending slavery, but instead tightened restrictions on slaves.