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What type of plantations did the Portuguese extinguish on the islands of Príncipe and São Tomé?
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What did Europeans do to pay for gold in places where their usual trade goods were of little value?They were willing to sell slavesAt the end of the 15th century, people from which to language families populated southern Africa?Khoisan and BantuWhat term refers to "the crushing", a period of conflict and forced migration that transform to the social geography of southern Africa?MfecaneWhat did Dingane and his Zulu regiments do to the Voortrekkers led by Piet Retief on February 6, 1838?Club him and his party to deathWho led the Voortrekker commando that mobilized to take revenge?Andries PretoriusHow many Zulu warriors were killed at blood river on December 16, 1938 by the 500 Voortrekker men who encircled their wagons? How many Afrikaners died that day?Zulu casualties: 3,000 Afrikaner casualties: 0In 1867, which precious mineral was discovered on a boer farm?DiamondsIn 1899 war began between British and Afrikaners. How was the final defeat of the Afrikaners achieved?Through scorched earth policiesAfter the British one, did they repair the Africans who served on their side with a fair distribution of political rights? Who were the wars ultimate victors?No they didn't and white supremacistsDid early missionaries, both European and Africa, try to communicate the tenets of the Christian faith in ways that would suit local conditions?YesBeyond "just faith", what else did missionaries in Africa have to offer?Knowledge and material goodsWhat key discovery protected European missionaries from malaria?QuinineDuring the era of the trans Atlantic Slave trade, would you record the Europeans as successful in penetrating the interior of the African continent?The Europeans were not successful as they valued other easier accessible commodities from sea merchantsWhat was the ratio of male to female slaves at the Cape?Four to oneWhy did Europeans initially seek see route around Africa is coast?To gain access to the gold trade and the spice tradeWho was the first European sailor to round the southern tip of Africa?Bartolomeu DiazWho was the first European sailor to round the Cape and proceed to India becoming the first to link Europe to Asia by sea?Vasco de GammaWho was the first European explorer to come into contact with the Kongo kingdom? From which country did all of these men come?Diogo Cão and PortugalWhich European entity established a permanent settlement at Cape Town? In which year? Why was it established? Who led this initiative?-The Dutch East India Company in 1652 -They established it to provide supplies for its ships making long passages. -Jon van RiebeeckBetween the 8th-19th centuries, how many Africans were transported across Sahara to be sold into slavery?5 millionDuring the 400 years of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, how many were made to embark as slaves on the journey across the Atlantic?12.5 millionWithin Africa, did male slaves command higher prices than female slaves of similar age?NoWhich type of person was the most highly prized and expensive of all African slaves?Eunuchs (castrated man)Did women ever own female slaves?Yes through "woman marriage" in which she took a female as her husband.What about in the trans-Atlantic slave trade: were women valued more than men?YesWho are Voortrekkers?Afrikaners traveling into the interiorWhat does "boers" mean?FarmersWhat does "trekboers" mean?Migrant farmers or white pastoralistsBy 1800, did the slave population in the Cape outnumber the free colonists living there?YesWhere did most of the slaves imported to the Cape come from?IndiaWhat was west African trading currency?Cowrie shellsWhat was the major trading item in the 18th century?GunsAfricanersDutch settlers in South AfricaPiet RetiefVoortrekkers leader, lead a group of them into natal and was murdered by Dingane and the ZuLu when trying to make a deal with him for land.In 1899, British vs Afrikaners in what became known as the..Anglo-Boer WarWhat does proselytizing mean?It is owns duty to share their religion with othersVasco de Gama (Portugal)Sailed around Africa to IndiaWhat is a caravel?A ship that was suitable for ocean travel, maneuverableAlfonso Iruler of Kongo who wanted to establish a modern Christian state and end the slave tradeAge of ExplorationGod, glory, goldWhat is "chattel slavery"?Seeing human beings as mere propertyThroughout the centuries of the trade, what type of cargo was most carried by European slave traders, for which there was an insatiable demand in Africa?ClothEurope had a huge demand for...Sugar