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What are the 3 modes of infectious disease transmission?

1) Contact transmission
2) Vehicle Transmission
3) Vector Transmission

____________ ____________ transmission involves body contact between hosts, or on a single host from portal of exit to portal of entry


List 4 forms of direct contact transmission

1) salivary spread
2) skin-to-skin spread
3) genital tract transmission
4) vertical transmission (from mother to baby)

____________ ____________ transmission occurs when pathogens are spread by ____________, or inanimate objects that are inadvertently used to transfer pathogen to host


Bed sheets, towels, needles, razors, toothbrushes, money, drinking glasses, and medical equipment are all examples of ____________


____________ transmission involves the spreading of pathogens during exhaling, coughing or sneezing in which the distance traveled is less than one meter


What are the vehicles utilized in vehicle transmission of disease

water, air, food, bodily fluids (outside the body)

____________ transmission involves the spread of pathogens farther than 1 meter


In ____________ transmission, pathogens are spread via a cloud of small droplets, called an ____________, suspended in the air and inhaled by new host


____________ are animals that transmit diseases from one host to another


Vectors can be either ____________, capable of actively transmitting pathogen and serving as host for replication of pathogen, or ____________, passively transmitting a pathogen to a host on feet or other body parts


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