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colon-implies that an explanation will follow, clarification of a previous statement -used in same way as a semi-colon is usedwhen there are two similar conjunctions in a sentencethis is an errorwhen you see words like however, therefore, moreover, consequently, nevertheless that start an independent clause in a sentence-make sure they are preceded by a semicolon -;nevertheless,Words like reason, because, since, and why are-redundant -shouldn't be used in the same sentence -try to replace with "that"When you see a concision, style, or word usage error-use language that is consistent with style (ex: if conversational style->conversational revision) -avoid wordiness and ambiguity (unclear references to ideas in the rest of the sentence, paragraph, or passage)Generally paragraphs follow the flow ofgeneral to specific to generalRead the whole sentence!!When you see commaslook at what refers to whatWhen asked whether to delete or add informationthink about whether it follows the focus of the paragraph or notIf there's a listmake sure each term is consistentIt's important to-look at 2-4 sentences before to answer a question -read the ENTIRE sentence + try to understand it