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Describe God's part in our ministry citing relevant Scripture
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What decisions are delegated to HC leaders?-Music or nah -Decisions on membership of cell groups or discipleship -Ministry house admittance -Teachers and teachings -Prioritized ministries at meetings -Decisions on formal church discipline (elders have final call) -Gray areas -Doctrinal positions on questionable areas recognizing low level leadershipWhat are some areas of people's lives not covered by spiritual authority?-Dating and romance (not marriage) -public ministries on own schedule -discipleship -Hobbies and time management -Friends -spendingBe able to recognize and explain legitimate and illegitimate uses of spiritual authority-who gets to teach -datingWhat are some ways we can learn from failure?1. What works/doesnt 2. Dependence on God 3. Discernment 4. Ministering under grace 5. Deep spiritual convictionsWhat are some negative elements that might result from fear of failure?1. Reluctant to plant new churches 2. Won't trust young workers 3. Become protective (defense) instead of aggressive (offense)What is our definition of vision in leadership, and how does it differ from the type commonly referred to in Scripture?A picture of a better, more biblical future for a person or group, informed by principles of scripture and possible direct communication with GodWhat are some practical steps someone could take to get vision?*-Visit other groups -Church history -Biographies -Hanging around visionary leaders -Weakness, strengths? -Hang out with lost people -Go over your own history -Share with othersWhat is the basic procedure to follow when propagating vision to others?How to spread vision: -Shock wave Find people to partner with Fire up your inner circle -Show why its a logical outgrowth of biblical teaching Use the word Trust that God backs principles in his word -Show how it relates to past realities Provides a mental picture Cements the reality of the goal -Show that the vision is attainable -Customize your vision for different individuals Think how to frame vision Words, illustrations crucial Make it relevant to your group -Develop antithesis Make the negative vision truly repulsive Make clear distinctions -Be a trustworthy leader -NEED TO DEAL WITH FEAR. ARE THE RISKS MANAGEABLE AND WORTH ITWhat are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself when leading change?***HELPWhat does it mean to pursue change to the appropriate level of tension, and how do you know what is an appropriate amount of tension?Value of Tension Discrepancy is between what we have and what we could have Goal: "Pursue change to the appropriate level of tensionDescribe the steps to take when leading change in your church***HELPBe able to explain how schedules of reinforcement affect behavior, and which ones are most effective. Also, what reinforcement might one use in discipleship?Behaviorism Contingent reinforcement Schedules of reinforcement Lack of reinforcement Punishment Albert bandura Common mistakes Unintentionally reinforcing negative behavior Bad schedule of reinforcementWhat is the definition we gave of a motivated Christian?-people are motivated when they are convinced of the correctness and the urgency of Christian goals to the extent that they are eager to act, and keep acting, to reach those goals regardless of what others do or thinkFor each of the following, be able to discuss its role in motivating others and explain how it works: Instruction Persuasion Emotional arousal Modeling Direct influence Encouragement-Instruction: explaining to people why are goals are right -Persuasion: Just because the bible teaches something doesn't necessarily mean people will necessarily practice it. Skillful discipler is a persuader who is able to convince others using Good questions, arguments, antithesis, illustrations, demeanor) -Emotional Arousal: convincing people of the urgency of our goals -Modeling: some models are followed and some are not. Why? -Direct Influence: -Encouragement: Effective for increasing or continuing behavior, not for beginning it Don't flatter! Don't pamper-overuse decreases effectiveness Never miss an opportunity to encourage in the early stages... Develop different ways to encourage: Indirectly Publicly Mentioning details In writingHow did our illustration of building a fire relate to the topic of motivation?-Requires preparationWhat did the term "motivational quotient" mean, how is it important, and how do you use it in discerning?-The difference between the account that you have heard of a situation or conversation or action, and the underlying motivational explanation -Would this alleged motivation reasonably explain this action?How would you discern whether someone was repentant or remorseful? Support your answer with Scripture.2 Corinthians 7:10What are some things we discussed in class that could cause poor discernment?-Pride -Lack of experienceWhat is the biblical justification for house churches?ActsWhat is the central vision for Xenos? (See "A Vision for Christian Servanthood" paper online)At the heart of our vision today is our work force. We believe the Lord would have our church set about the task of building up a godly work force which can do his bidding. This work force is not the same as our leadership, but it should include all our leaders. In addition, there are those who are Christian models—examples of mature and righteous living, perhaps without the gifting or suitability for leadership. These people may be involved in prayer ministries, healing ministries or service. They live the same values we want modeled by the leaders and have gained maturity and experience in serving God. Therefore, they should be considered a part of our committed force of servants of the Lord.What is the biblical justification for combining those churches into a centralized network that includes program-based ministries?While not really necessary, it makes sense for the larger church to band together and form a program to assist home churches in equipping their people. This kind of program usually includes classes taught by leaders with some kind of expertise. Although home churches could equip their own people, a central program will speed up the process and relieve home group leaders from part of their burden. We do not believe such a program will work apart from personal discipleship in the home church. At Xenos, our class system adds an outside source of knowledge to the leadership training program in the home church.List some different ways to enhance leadership unity on a teamHELPBe able to list and explain Lencioni's five dysfunctions of unhealthy teamsHELPWhat does it mean to "respect the man on the spot" and how does this contribute to team unity?HELPWhat are some limitations to the concept of respecting the man on the spot?HELPWhat are some recommendations we discussed in class for your leadership team to resist negativity toward your group?HELP